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Combination of Floor and Door Colors

Kitchen with wood floors and matching doors

As a rule, the question of the combination of colors in the interior is faced by every person who starts repairs in the apartment. If the repair is needed in the whole apartment, but in some rooms you already have furniture, you have to take into account these circumstances and select finishing materials based on what is available. According to the common logic, it is necessary to lay the floor, install interior doors, and only then purchase some new furniture. Therefore, the floor coating will dictate the color scheme of the room. The combination of colors of floors and doors, plinths, and furniture is based on two main principles: contrast and similarity. In this article, we will discuss possible combinations in detail. 

Bright doors and floor

If you prefer a similar color palette, the door will look more advantageous if it is one or two tones lighter than the floor. If the ceiling in the room is white, and the floor is light, you can choose the light door, as a connecting link, but with inserts of stained or designer glass, moldings, and leather decor to avoid monotony. A huge selection of flooring Honolulu can be found on bestflooringhonolulu.com. This is certainly one of the best flooring stores Oahu, and you can make sure of it by searching on Google “flooring near me”. 

Dark doors and floor

It is more problematic if the floor and doors are dark and the room is small. Excess dark can visually turn the room into a “hole”. It is worth taking a risk if the room has a high ceiling and a large window. If natural light is not enough – it is better to select a light palette. You can refresh the interior, which is dominated by dark colors, with a small carpet of contrasting or neutral colors. This method is good for the following cases: 

  • for the kitchen; 
  • for the hallway, where there are several room doors located; 
  • for rooms with a small area; 
  • for dark rooms, in which windows are facing east or north. In this case, it is better to use light wood tones.

 Living area with light wood floor and white door


Based on the principle of contrast (dark doors — light floor), you can combine colors by choosing the appropriate plinth. The tradition of selecting a plinth for the color of the floor, in our time, is almost not observed. Its tone is combined with the tone of the door. Meanwhile, the following rules should be followed: 

  • contrast should be visible; 
  • the combination is made of either warm or cold shades. They should not be combined; 
  • when the floor is dark and the door, on the contrary, is light, then the floor plinths should be combined with the door. 

Light doors and dark floors are classics, as in clothes “white top – black bottom”. White doors bring freshness to the interior, but in a house where there are little kids or pets – they do not have much chance to keep their shiny look for a long time.

Without combining

Sometimes, apartment owners prefer the third option – a neutral color of the door, in no way tied to the floor or furniture. This color is combined with plinths or other interior elements. Thus, there is an additional color accent around the perimeter of the room. Usually, this option is used if the apartment has different floor coverings (parquet board, laminate, tile, vinyl), which makes the choice of the door color very difficult. 

Sometimes in modern interiors, there is a colored floor, which is mainly used in kitchens, bathrooms, or children’s rooms. A striking example is the self-leveling colored floors, which typically include multiple palettes. In this case, the choice of the door should be approached specially. Their color is chosen according to one of the shades that is present on such floors or combined with the furniture, or design elements. You can also select a door of a neutral color, which will have inserts in the tone of the floor.

Please note! For the creation of interior harmony, it is necessary to use no more than two shades when combining floors, plinths, and doors. It is considered a big mistake when these elements have a completely different palette, as in this case, the interior will have hints of vulgarity.

Whatever your choice is, while combining the color of the door and floor, do not forget about common sense and good taste. For this purpose, you can use catalogs, order samples by mail, or visit showrooms yourself.