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Common Reasons For Water Damage At Home

Common Reasons For Water Damage At Home

Although water is a source that we can’t go on without in life, it can also cause a lot of damage in our property if left to reach excessive levels. Water damage can impact any property on a range of different levels. It could completely destroy your flooring, it could lead to cracks and discoloration of your walls, and the high levels of moisture could put your home at risk of mould growth. Not to mention that it can also attract different types of pests to invade our property and cause trouble. These situations all call for professional water damage restoration help.

What’s most frightening is that it’s not always guaranteed that you’ll be able to spot the problem on time. Sometimes, water damage happens underneath the surface, where you can’t see it. Being aware of the top reasons for water damage in your property can help you stay aware of the situation and prevent long-term damage.

Causes for water damage in your property

Water damage knows no time boundaries and can happen when you least expect it. Here are some of the top reasons for water damage in a property. 

Floods and thunderstorms

For starters, the most unpredictable and unavoidable water damage cause is that related to natural calamities. Whether it’s a huge storm or flood, your property can take a serious hit as a result if the water penetrates your home. Although such disasters are not very common in certain parts of the world, when they strike, the damage will be substantial.

Heavy winds can ruin your roof, meaning that the protective layer of your house is no longer there and the water drips straight into your property. Keep an eye out for the weather forecasts if you’re based in a flood-prone location as a flash flooding is certainly undesirable and destructive.

Condensation from your air conditioning 

Although this type of water damage is not as detrimental as that resulting from floods, it can also have a negative impact on your property. It’s inevitable that your HVAC system creates condensation and results in moisture falling from the evaporator coil landing in a drain pan, where it’s taken care of and thrown away from your property via a condensate drain line. This is a process that ensures your safety. However, if the drain pan is broken, poorly maintained, or old, it may become blocked and therefore not be able to carry out its function.

In such cases, the water that is meant to be taken outside your property will now end up leaking from your air conditioning system. The water dropping from the AC may be in different amounts but the fact is that it can cause damage to your floors and any items underneath. It can also cause your walls to swell up and the paint to crack. 

 Common Reasons For Water Damage At Home

Water heaters

Pay close attention to the condition of your water heater to prevent water damage in your property. As the water heater ages, chances are that it will start leaking. Furthermore, if the product hasn’t been installed appropriately in the first place or is not well-maintained, it could also be a cause for water damage. Alternatively, a higher quality of tank pressure than the water heater can handle is another reason for leaking water. When this happens, the water is likely to be found in your basement, where the item is normally found. 

Get the help of an expert

To ensure your property is protected and restored after water damage, it’s best to speak to water damage professionals who can support you in resolving the problem. Companies who specialize in water damage restoration often work with high-quality equipment and trained experts who can recover your property quickly and efficiently.