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Confederate G2 P51 Combat Fighter


Alabama-based manufacturer Confederate Motorcycles has unveiled its latest creation, the G2 P51 Combat Fighter. This exercise in muscle bike purity is built entirely of 6061 aerospace billet aluminum, right down to the unitized engine block and heads. Designed by original P51 creator Jon Kasse, the new G2 P51 Combact Fighter is powered by a big-block, air-cooled, push-rod V-twin engine. The new chopper boasts over 200 horsepower, 170 lb-ft of torque, a straight-cut transmission, five-speed overdrive and carbon fiber wheels.


A total of 61 P51 Combat Fighter Special Editions are scheduled to be crafted: 31 will be designated blonde and presented as raw machined billet; 30 will be designated black and presented as raw machined billet anodized black. MSRP for the “blonde” is $113,900 USD while the black version of the bike goes for $119,500 USD. Those interested can reserve the P51 G2 Combat Fighter now via Confederate’s website.

 confederate-g2-p51-combat-fighter-3 confederate-g2-p51-combat-fighter-4 confederate-g2-p51-combat-fighter-5 confederate-g2-p51-combat-fighter-6

all images courtesy of Confederate