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Connecting with an MMJ Doctor Right on Your Smartphone

When it comes to ways to search for a marijuana doctor who is authorized to prescribe medical marijuana, it can be difficult to even find one let alone, talk with one. This is why so many people simply go online for cannabis seeds to grow their own medicinal plants. Many states regulate the doctor’s authorized to prescribe medical marijuana cards more thoroughly that they do other doctors. Those doctors are held to higher standards of scrutiny and accountability. Understandably, many doctors in the states where medical marijuana is more tightly controlled do not want to advertise that they write prescriptions for medical marijuana. It could lead to them being harassed or having their businesses attacked by people who do not support their marijuana movement.

Finding a doctor through your Smartphone can be as easy as doing a Google search and looking for customer care doctors in the area. They are often attached to larger organizations that specialize in getting eligible patients medical marijuana cards. They are generally not cheap though. There are authorized doctors that are not attached to this kind of departments but finding them may require deeper research.

Using your Smartphone, you can connect with lists of doctors in your local area of all kinds of specialties and contact each to find out if they will authorize you for a medical marijuana card, but that is a long time-consuming process. It is faster to use the following apps to sort through the lists faster to connect with the right one for you:

  • Medical Marijuana Doctors.com

This app connects you to lists of licensed medical marijuana doctors in whichever state you need to find a doctor in. It is updated frequently by the medical community who are connected to the medical marijuana movement.

  • MedCard

Using this platform, you can search for authorized physicians by location and get lists of available doctors and map noting their locations on your phone.

  • Leafly

You can get valuable information about marijuana strains, related legislation, and dispensaries with this app. They can also give you resources for tracking down the right medical marijuana doctor for you.

  • Cannabis.net

This is considered an extremely powerful app that keeps track of the medical marijuana field as well as provides information about strains, opinions, and humor. It also has a social networking function so you can connect with other medical marijuana users and pass along information. The best part about this app is that it also has a map feature which will help you look up dispensaries, doctors, marijuana delivery features and medical marijuana lawyers. You can even filter the results for specific locations and use it to look up their business profiles.

  • Weedsmaps.com

Another amazingly good app isWeedmaps.com. This does more than providing you with the location of dispensaries near you, with it you can search for places that will deliver, doctors, nearby deals, specific brands, and strains as well as gear and supplies. This app is very simple to use and it will help you connect with any number of doctors who you can contact for more information.

  • My Canary

This app is only available for cannabis users and users of other intoxicating drugs such as alcohol and tobacco. It not only helps you monitor the influence of marijuana while you are using it, but it also helps you stay away from dangerous activities while you are using it. It also has built-in information about dispensaries in the area as well as doctors if you need to find one.

  • Best Medical Marijuana Doctors.com

This app is handy for not only locating doctors who will help you get your medical marijuana card, but it will connect you with the latest legislature regarding medical marijuana. You can also sort it all by the state of requirement.

  • Marijuana Doctors

This highly rated app is considered a trusted gateway to care as it allows medical marijuana patients to search for legal treatment in their state. It even allows for users to request appointments with any marijuana doctors that are part of the marijuana doctor network.


The LoudCloud helps you find dispensaries and doctors. It also helps you browse local dispensaries in real time and avoid dispensary paperwork. All patients who sign up to use the app have their health information stored in a HIPPA compliant cloud to preserve your information.

Finding the right doctor through your Smartphone is as easy as pushing a few buttons. Technology has also advanced to the point where you can download any number of useful apps and get more information than you will know what to do with. The tools are there if you go looking for them and it makes it easy to connect with a doctor who can help you meet your medical needs through caring understanding and dedication. All the listed above shows that it is quite very easy for you to link up with a medical marijuana doctor at any time you so wish.