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Construction Caveats – Top Tips for Heightening On-Site Safety

Construction Caveats - Top Tips for Heightening On-Site Safety

Construction worksites are fraught with numerous safety hazards every day. In this kind of work, accidents are common leading to injuries, disability and even death in some instances. To ensure on-site safety and minimize the high risks of accidents, safety measures should be everyone’s priority. In other words, safety guidelines, rules, and regulations should be adhered to at all times without compromise. As such, here are some top tips on how to heighten on-site safety:

1. Embrace modern technology

On-site safety can be enhanced by using advanced technology to execute complicated duties. With numerous crane truck hire companies offering economical crane trucks, companies should use the technology to lift and transport heavy objects, rather than allow their workers to do it manually. Lifting bulky loads can cause serious bodily injuries to workers leading to costly liability for constructors and on-site owners. By embracing advanced technology, companies can also equip their workers with advanced safety monitors paired with alert systems to raise alarm in the event of an accident. Modern constructors are even using drones to take videos in incomplete on-site areas deemed dangerous rather than put their workers at risk.

2. Wear the right protection gear

On-site workers should always be in their right personal protective wear at all times. For safety purposes, you should steel-toed boots, reflective clothing, goggles, gloves, helmets, ear protectors and safety glasses among other personal protective equipment. Working on a slippery surface without the right nonskid, rubber footwear will without a doubt expose you to falling and slipping. Wearing a breathing mask when handling toxins can prevent unnecessary accidents that can result in serious bodily injuries.

3. Training & Education

Whilst crane truck hire has become a trend in construction, companies should provide the right training and education, like acquiring safety training in Hamilton, before allowing their workers to operate them. In some cases, construction workers ignore their safety which can result in accidents. Construction companies should remember that violation of safety code can have dire consequences for them. To minimize risks of accidents, constructors should train and educate their workers on how to handle heavy machinery such as crane trucks before operating them.

 Construction Caveats - Top Tips for Heightening On-Site Safety

4. Use the right equipment

Ignorance can be a costly liability in construction. Operators should always use the right equipment for the right job. Constructors should consider doing business with crane truck hire companies that keep their machinery in excellent shape for safety reasons. Using the wrong equipment for the job may sound like a good idea, but it can cause serious injuries.

5. Steer clear of overcrowded work areas

Construction workers have a habit of gathering in crowded work areas to watch heavy machinery working, thus exposing themselves to unnecessary risks. The last thing any constructor wants after striking a deal with the local crane truck hire company is to have to deal with a filed compensation claim after an accident. Faulty machinery should never be used at any given time to avoid injuries. It’s common for those on the ground to get injured by heavy machinery accidentally. For this reason, staying away from crowded workplace areas is the best way of enhancing on-site safety.

6. Keep a well-equipped First Aid Kit

A first aid kit that’s well-equipped should always be a must-have for all constructors. An ideal kit should comprise of painkillers, antiseptics, bandages, disinfectants, scissors, and Band-Aids among other necessities. To be more effective, it is important to train construction workers on how to apply first aid in case of an accident, such as those offered by Skills Training Group. Sometimes; accident victims lose their lives due to poor first aid skills. Training your on-site workers on how to properly use a first aid kit or registering them for the Hamilton First Aid course can be a game-changer for your business.


With the high risks of accidents construction sites pose, it is everyone’s responsibility to abide by the set safety standards to make sure safety is paramount.