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Convert Your Garage Into a Man Cave In 5 Easy Steps

Two friends hanging out, sitting on sofa, playing video game inside garage

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Men love to have their own personal space, a room where they can be themselves, or a spot to hang out with their buddies. A Man Cave. If there’s any part of the house to turn into a man cave, the garage is usually the first pick. 

A home with an unused garage is wasted space. So if you wish to make yours more functional, you should probably look for a good sound system setup for your man cave. You can use it to play great music for a get-together with friends. 

Turning a garage into a room, let alone a man cave specifically for you, is exciting. There are many ups and downs and factors to consider. You also need to develop a good idea and plan its execution. 

It may sound complicated, but we have got you covered. Check out these five easy steps to convert your garage into your man cave.

1. Deal With The Flooring First

The garage is a dedicated space for vehicles, tools, cleaning detergents, etc. You may even still see some tire tracks, grime, and oil stains on the floor. So, thorough cleaning of the floors is a must. Grab your cleaning agents and remove the eyesores that were once on your garage floor. 

Most garages have concrete flooring. If you have this type of flooring, we recommend changing it or updating it. This is because concrete is never a go-to solution when it comes to comfort. There are many other flooring materials to choose from.

If you plan to change your garage into your entertainment room, carpets or carpet tiles are recommended. They add warmth and comfort, and at the same time, they can help deliver better sound quality and boost the sound waves. 

Rubber tiles are also an excellent option for their ability to muffle sound vibrations. But whichever flooring you choose, remember to find one that fits your budget, purpose, and specifications.

2. Design The Walls To Your Liking

You can use your walls to express your passion for your interests and personality. The only things that could limit you are your budget and imagination. 

You can install built-in shelves to put your gadgets on display and deck out your man cave. If you are a collector of items, such as comics and toys, use the shelves to display them and make the area more personalized. 

Aside from shelves, you can also attach a wall-mount TV for your entertainment area. The possibilities are endless! If you need more ideas about decking up your man cave, check out these provided in Forbes. 

However, consider adding insulation to your walls before you start planning your wall decors. It adds protection, and it can help make the room soundproof. You won’t need to worry about neighbor complaints when you and your friends have a late-night gathering.

Note: If you are insulating your garage’s walls, do this first before upgrading your flooring. You don’t want your new floors to get damaged during the insulation process.

 Two friends playing hockey sport video game inside garage hideout, enjoying pizza and drinks.

3. Change The Lighting

The ceiling should be your next priority; make sure it is clean. Also, consider adding more lighting fixtures to make your man cave an even more comfortable space to do your hobbies. 

Lights are not only used to make the room bright. There are plenty of lighting fixtures with designs that add a unique character to a room. So you can also use lighting to express your personality.

Avoid using one big light bulb to light up the area. Try hanging pendant lighting if you plan to have a bar in your man cave. They can also be used to give an additional accent to the room. Spread the light bulbs out; make the room look brighter and more beautiful. 

4. Add Furniture And Appliances

When choosing furniture for your man cave, be creative as much as possible. Select the ones that really suit your needs and still match your budget. 

If money is not much of an issue, you can go all the way or opt for a luxurious appeal. The important thing is to find ones that can provide you with the comfort you need.

Recliners are the most common option because they are comfortable and can be personalized. You can also add a smart TV for entertainment and complete it with your own refrigerator for your food and drinks. Adding a mini pantry or a snack bar is also a great idea. 

5. Customize

After completing the primary things you need to have for your man cave, it is time to personalize it. And to do this, think of the hobbies or interests you have.

If you find yourself unsure of what features to put in, Fox News featured man caves of some known personalities. You can get some ideas from them, or you can replicate them. Anything goes as long as it fits you perfectly.

Ready, Set, Convert!

The most important factors you need to focus on are your funds, comfort, and preferences. Have fun creating your man cave!