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Cool Flat Roof Designs that Can Transform Your House

Cool Flat Roof Designs that Can Transform Your House

Winter is a time for dreaming, a time when we nestle into the most comfortable parts of our homes and let the imagination take hold. 

For many homeowners, this is the perfect time to start thinking up grand plans for renovation projects we’d like to tackle next summer — and after a year that saw massive changes in lifestyle due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s inevitable that for some, these plans will involve ways to make our houses more homey, comfortable, and resilient. 

If your experience in lockdown has led you to reflect on the ways you can get more out of your property, here are three revolutionary flat roof design ideas that can turn your house into an oasis of peace and calm, no matter what is going on beyond the property lines. 

1. Rooftop Decks

One of the things that the coronavirus pandemic has brought home for those who live in the dense, busy downtown regions of large cities like Toronto or Montreal is just how small their living space actually is. 

While you might not be able to expand your square footage outward, exploring these different styles of flat roof will give you some ideas for how a flat roof can be turned into an extension of your living space.  

Booking a consultation with a Toronto roofing company this winter to explore your options for flat roofing is a great way to get a sense for what is possible with your property. This will also help you figure out when to hire a roofing company in the spring so you can get the work done before the summer rush begins. 

 Cool Flat Roof Designs that Can Transform Your House

2. Rooftop Gardens 

One of the problems with living in a heavily built-up area is that it can make growing a garden difficult. Even if you have a yard, there’s no guarantee your plants will get the light they need to grow. 

When you install a flat roof, however, your gardening opportunities expand significantly. Whether you simply want to plant a modest flower or herb garden in ceramic planters or you actually want to put down a layer of soil and turn over part of your roof to growing vegetables, a flat roof garden is a great way to transform your living space. 

 Cool Flat Roof Designs that Can Transform Your House

3. Green Roofs

With concerns about climate change becoming more acute every year, homeowners around the world are looking for ways to make their houses greener and more energy-efficient, and engineers and architects have responded by exploring increasingly ambitious eco-friendly designs. 

One of the most exciting and provocative of these is the green roof, which keeps the building cool and energy costs down by replacing heat-absorbing asphalt with earth and vegetation. A well-established trend in Europe, green roofs are starting to become more common in North America as well, so ask your local roofing company in Toronto if it is possible to install one on your house.   

The best roof designs are eye-catching, aesthetically-pleasing, and serve a concrete function, so it’s no surprise that due to their versatility, flat roofs have become the go-to option for homeowners looking to renovate their buildings. 

This winter, why not check out the latest flat roofing designs to see which one would work best with your home?