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Coworking Considerations – 5 Things To Consider Before Coworking In Hong Kong

Thomas House Co-Working Office by Soda

Gareth Gardner

The thought of moving to one of the wealthiest urban landscapes can fill our minds with images of people moving about as the business of the day ramps up into full gear. The street is alive with the noise of industry as cars, delivery trucks, and transit move about the area. However, the lure of the place is that it is not only a place for much work but it is also a place for much leisure, enjoyment, and opulence.

 Thomas House Co-Working Office by Soda

However, it is work and industry that attracts many businesses to Hong Kong. Whether working in the financial district or in more of the trendy areas, businesses can find themselves among some of the most competent, well-versed professionals in any industry but there is the issue of office space. Office space can get extremely costly in a place touted as one of the most expensive real estate markets, but businesses can take advantage of the coworking market.

Let’s take a closer look at a few things you need to consider before coworking in Hong Kong.

 Thomas House Co-Working Office by Soda

Where To Work

While businesses can work in any location, there a few places that are definitely coworking hubs. Central District is the financial hub of the area, and it has quite a few coworking spaces with some of them being international leasing companies, which means businesses can access offices in the locations where these offices exist. Servcorp Coworking Space Central, for example, sits in the PwC Tower and has one of the nicest fit-outs for the corporate professional, as seen in the following link http://www.servcorp.com.hk/en/coworking/.

As you can see, the Central has a lot to offer, but there is also Causeway Bay, which is another trendy area for coworking professional. The area has an eclectic group of coworking communities from which businesses can choose, but this is not the only place to look. Hong Kong is a very dense place, and because there is very little space, developers are beginning to look to surrounding communities, including coworking space. Businesses have a lot of choices where prime business location is concerned.

How Much It Cost To Join Space

Another factor businesses should consider is the cost to join the space. Coworking is a more inexpensive option than regular office space, but it can get costly the more amenities and features the space has. Of course, location can also be a factor. The closer you get to Central expect the prices to increase, so even though the costs are lower than conventional leasing, they might be more expensive.

What Your Needs And Wants Are

Finally, businesses should go in with an idea of their business’s needs and wants. For example, all coworking spaces provide businesses with the basics, and then there are the extras. The extras could be anything related to business matching to providing access to community events, and depending on your business, they might be necessary for you to build a platform. Then, your wants would be the nonessential extras like yoga, for example.

 Thomas House Co-Working Office by Soda

How To Leverage Your Space

Then, knowing how to leverage the space is another factor to keep in mind. Some professionals use their coworking space for workspace alone, but the space can be used to network and collaborate as well. Finally, if you just want to build connections in the community, the space can be leveraged in this way.

What Type Of Community

Community matters. Within the coworking landscape, professionals can possibly engage with a number of communities, all who define themselves. For this reason, finding a community with similar values is important.


Coworking Community Considerations

These are just a few of the many considerations professionals should make when searching for office space. Hong Kong has one of the most interesting landscapes to work in, and it can be a place where businesses can choose from a number of coworking spaces. The diverse, vibrant, and rich business platform becomes even more fertile in the coworking terrain.

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