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D House by Marston Architects, Sydney

Katherine Lu

A dramatic pivoting glass door protrudes from the monolithic extension conceived by Australian practice Marston Architects for the renovation project of this single family house in Sydney. Set within a heritage conservation area, the original semi has been kept intact with its roof line restored. A ‘breezeway’ transition space connects the original house and its new split level contemporary addition, allowing light to filter in to what was otherwise a typical, dark and gloomy south facing house. Connecting the new living space to the rear garden, this space allows a seamless transition from inside to out. A new bedroom suite occupies the upper level of the addition which focuses on balancing light and views with privacy in the dense, urban surrounds.

A skylight adjacent to the northern party wall brings sunlight into the lower level addition, whilst north facing highlight windows bring light into the upstairs bedrooms without compromising the privacy of the space. The new party wall uses the bricks from the previous extension minimizing waste.

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all images © Katherine Lu