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Daniel Rozin’s PomPom Mirror

bitforms gallery

As part of an exhibition of new artworks at bitforms in New York, artist Daniel Rozin designed the PomPom Mirror. Rozin’s anthropomorphic PomPom Mirror features a synchronized array of 928 spherical faux fur puffs. Organized into a three-dimensional grid of beige and black, the sculpture is controlled by hundreds of motors that build silhouettes of viewers using computer-vision. Along its surface, figures appear as fluffy animal-like representations within the picture plane, which is made permeable by a ‘push-pull’ forward and backward motion of meshed ‘pixels’. Ghostly traces fade and emerge, as the motorized composition hums in unified movement, seemingly alive and breathing as a body of its own.


2-daniel-rozins-pompom-mirror 3-daniel-rozins-pompom-mirror 4-daniel-rozins-pompom-mirror

all images and video courtesy of bitforms gallery