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David Berkowitz Chicago Shares 4 Famous Art Galleries In The United States

Spiral path inside a Museum

David Berkowitz Chicago is a painter and has traveled the United States and visited some of its most famous art galleries. In this blog post, David shares his insights on four well-known American art galleries. This collection is one for the bucket list!

David Berkowitz Chicago’s Top Four Art Galleries to Visit

This is one painter that really knows art! David has traveled the country to visit some of his favorite art museums and galleries. 

David has been asked many times what his favorite art galleries are throughout the United States, so we decided to sit down with this famous American painter and ask him what four museums or gallery spaces are at the top of his list. Without further ado, here are his top four art galleries to visit in the United States!

Smithsonian American Art Museum

David says that his favorite pieces of art in this museum are the sculptures by Cephas Thompson and Harriet Hosmer. David also recommends viewing Robert S. Duncanson’s landscapes, as well as Henry Ossawa Tanner’s religious paintings. David adores Frank Stella’s black paintings for their simplicity and beauty. 

For those who do not know Frank Stella, he was an American artist whose work spanned painting, sculpture, prints and more! He is considered a pioneer of minimalism within painting and sculpture.

There is much to see at this gallery – too many things to hear David go into detail! “All I can say is, visit the Smithsonian. ” David says. “It’s a beautiful place and it has something for everyone.” David Berkowitz Chicago says he visits this art gallery every year.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

David recommends visitors to this art gallery go see the European paintings and American moderns on the first floor, as well as The Temple of Dendur. He also suggests viewing the arms and armor, Greek and Roman sculpture, Egyptian art, Islamic art and Japanese prints. David’s favorite painting in this museum is Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s Luncheon of the Boating Party.

“There are too many things to see at The Met for me to recommend just a few!” David exclaims. This world-famous art gallery should definitely be on your list if you’re an admirer of any type of artwork! “Not to mention,  it’s located in New York City,” David Berkowitz Chicago states. “You can’t go wrong with a visit.”

The Met was formed in the 1800’s and is one of the largest art galleries in the world. He has been to many different art galleries throughout his life, but The Met is special. “The Met is one of the most famous American art galleries, and for a good reason!” David says. He recommends visiting The Metropolitan Museum of Art. if you’re ever in the New York City area with an entire afternoon to kill.

Interior of the Metropolitan Museom of Modern Art

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

David’s favorite pieces at this art gallery are the American Indian pottery and sculpture, as well as the Chinese bronze sculptures. David also recommends viewing George Caleb Bingham’s paintings and Andrew Wyeth’s tempera paintings. David’s favorite painting in this museum is Asher B. Durand’s The Kinderhook Valley.

“The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art is a hidden gem in Kansas City,” David proclaims! This art gallery has an extensive collection from all around the world, which makes it a must-see for those who appreciate the artwork.

This museum was founded in 1933 and David has been there twice – once with his family and once with his wife on their honeymoon! “What an amazing art gallery!”  Berkowitz recommends visiting The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art if you’re ever in the Kansas City area.

The Art Institute of Chicago – American Wing

John Singer Sargent’s painting, as well as Louis Comfort Tiffany’s glass and silver, are David’s favorites at this museum. David also suggests viewing William Merritt Chase’s paintings and Thomas Eakins’ photographs and portrait works! Winslow Homer’s Breezing Up (A Fair Wind) is David’s favorite painting in this gallery.

“This place has something for everyone,” David explains to us. The Art Institute of Chicago is one of the largest museums in the United States, with a collection that contains over 300,000 works of art! He has been to this gallery many times with his family and friends and it is a staple of Chicago culture.

About David Berkowitz Chicago

David Berkowitz Chicago is an American artist. He specializes in painting and has been featured in many different art galleries throughout his life. We hope this list of must-see art galleries inspires you as much as this famous painter!