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Design Ideas for Your Car

Design Ideas for Your Car

Car enthusiasts are always looking to keep up with the latest automotive trends. And, let’s face it – your car could always be better. Whether you’re looking for change on the inside or outside, here are some ideas to enhance your current model.


They say change begins on the inside. Making some small tweaks to the interior of your car can get it feeling fresh in no time at all.

Reupholstering your interior is certainly an easy way of giving your vehicle a revamp. You can get rid of old rips, stains and tears on seat coverings and give the whole interior a different feel. You could even go as far as fitting different types of carpet or getting rid of them altogether for more of a racer-feel.


The best car is only as good as the noise it makes. Improving your sound system with a deeper sound is a great idea. You’ll find a range of simple speaker options you can fit yourself at thewireszone.com.

 Design Ideas for Your Car

Dashboard, pedals and steering wheels

It’s surprisingly easy to upgrade these integral features of your car. Digitize your dashboard, change the paneling, and add new dials. You could also upgrade your steering wheel with some better bling and look at getting new pedals. The latter might even let you improve performance. For example, wider pedals can give you the capacity to execute heel and toe gear changes.


If you’re looking for a street racer aesthetic, customizing the exterior of your car is the way to go.

Body kits

These make a fairly dramatic change to any car, sometimes replacing standard bumpers. The right kit will complement the lines of the car with a mesh grill to match the main body of the vehicle. Make sure to switch your suspension up to ensure the car has constant ground clearance. You don’t want to take that nice new body kit off when you go over your first speed bump.

Wings and spoilers

Of course, car design is not just about how it looks but also about how it drives. Making your car more aerodynamic will make it that bit faster. Spoilers sit close to the body of the car, helping to diffuse air and help your car travel through space more quickly. Car wings work in the opposite way to the aerofoil shape of a plane’s. Both can also end up creating extra drag if not properly fitted, so make sure you invest in quality, adjustable parts.

 Design Ideas for Your Car


Some tasteful alloys will complete your street racer makeover. Going for a larger wheel with low tire profile will give you a great look, but this has to be weighed against how the car performs: large wheels can impair handling and potentially cause friction with the arches on full lock. Another pitfall of fitting ornate alloys can be that they are difficult to clean.

Customizing your car probably isn’t for the purists. But, some of these alterations are about substance as well as stylefunction as well as form. Much of the joy of upgrading your car comes from doing it yourself and learning from your mistakes as you go onwards.