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Design School Personal Statement: How to Write a Successful Essay

Most school graduates intend to continue their education to become certified specialists. Thus, many teenagers prefer designing their future profession. They have a good academic score and mistakenly believe that it’ll be enough. However, one of the compulsory parts of the application is to write a personal statement. It’s supposed to convince the admission committee that you are a worthy candidate. This task is responsible and difficult. Many youngsters fail it. To avoid such an outcome, many clever students prefer to use the help of professional paper writing companies.

If you buy a personal statement from professional writers online, you instantly resolve this problem. Nevertheless, it’s of great importance to practice your writing skills and complete this and other assignments without somebody’s help. We have studied this important matter and want to share some useful prompts, which will help you to write a successful personal statement.

Enlist the Guidelines

It’s vital to make a list of the main points you intend to mention in your personal essay. You may forget about some essential points and so, a list will help to write about everything. These should be:

  • Your name;
  • Academic achievements;
  • Non-academic activities;
  • Reasons why you want to study in a particular school;
  • Professional qualities;
  • Benefits a school reaps if it accepts you, etc.

Write a Unique Paper

You’re supposed to make your essay those steps out of the crowd. Remember that there are hundreds and thousands of students who also want to get into your school. Therefore, your essay ought to be unique and special. You should highlight your best personality and professional traits and represent them from an uncommon angle. Try to fulfill the following points:

  • Avoid clichés.
  • Write short sentences.
  • Use dynamic words.
  • Logically divide your text.
  • Cover one point at a time.
  • Be honest.
  • Write without mistakes.

Make It Real

You have to be honest. If you write about some facts and achievements you never had, you risk being caught lying. The members of the admission committee obligatorily check the biography of every applicant. Therefore, you should write a real story.

You shouldn’t be afraid to confess that you have some drawbacks or failed during a test or competition. If you mention them, you show that you are a realist. However, don’t dwell upon them for too long. After you mention them, tell the methods you’ve chosen to successfully overcome those problems. Thus, the admission committee will understand that your critical, analytical, and problem-solving skills are alright. It’ll be another proof that you’re a worthy candidate who can contribute to the development of a concrete design school.

 Design School Personal Statement: How to Write a Successful Essay

Mention All Your Achievements

You should obligatorily enumerate all the achievements you have. These may be academic, as well as non-academic. It’s necessary to give heed to your learning goals and explain how you reach them. Mention all the awards and some certificates you have in different competitions. Sports victories are important too. However, it would be better to represent your victories and successes in design because a design school is your goal.

Afterward, tell about your hobbies and other activities that have no relation to your academics. Thus, you’ll show that you’re a human with the same dreams and life aims. Personality traits are also important for employers. After you receive the higher education certificate, you’ll have to write a resume that is similar to an application essay. If you succeed with an entry essay, your resume will enjoy success as well.

Receive Feedback

Sometimes we need a fresh look from somebody else. Therefore, ask your parents and friends to read your personal statement and give their honest opinion. Accept the possible critic from your reviewers and make the necessary improvements.

Besides, you can request professional feedback. You can consult a professional writing company, which specializes in writing personal essays. Request a consultation and free samples. Thus, you’ll gather more facts to succeed in your writing. In case this task is overly complex, hire a professional writer to compose the essay instead of you. If you find a trustworthy writing company, you may not doubt the qualifications of its writers. They know how to craft unique personal statements, which will fully suit your expectations and needs.

Read Good Examples

Don’t forget to read several great examples of personal statements. Although our recommendations are effective, it may be difficult for many people to understand how to use them practically. Therefore, surf the Internet and find professionally written personal essays. Be attentive and take the necessary notes. Afterward, try to use them in your own paper.

Keep our prompts in your memory. They shed more light on what a winning personal statement should be. Accordingly, you’ll sufficiently increase your chances to get into the design school of your dreams.