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Design Your Own Lab-Grown Engagement Ring

Lab-Grown Engagement Ring

If you’re new to the term ‘Bespoke’ it means something that is created especially for you and bespoke jewellery is fast becoming a popular trend. Why? Designing a unique and personalised ring is the ultimate way to showcase your love to your partner. With designing a bespoke ring comes the satisfaction of having something that is truly unique to you!

Lily Arkwright provides you with total autonomy to design a ring in a variety of metals, including platinum, white, yellow and rose gold and a choice to be set with the very best moissanite rings, lab diamonds and lab-grown coloured gemstones. To help visualise your special ring, Lily Arkwright offers unlimited design revisions, alterations and one-to-one consultations with their expert bespoke design team.

At Lily Arkwright they understand the importance of ethical and environmental responsibility jewellers have within the jewellery industry. That’s why they have a social and ethical promise to provide amazing lab sourced replacements for mined diamonds. The lab growing process ensures the highest quality gem for your engagement ring, whilst also being more affordable and more ethical than your conventional mined diamond!

What are lab-grown diamonds?

The conventionally mined diamond is almost always synonymous with engagement rings. However, this shouldn’t always be the case as there is a plethora of engagement ring alternatives, lab diamond rings included. You might be sitting here completely clueless about lab diamonds but lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds!

The process of growing lab diamonds is very similar to how naturally mined diamonds are formed. However, one takes place naturally within the extreme temperatures in the earth’s crust, whilst the other takes place under controlled conditions in a science laboratory, thus mimicking the natural diamond creation process. Lab diamonds have the same chemical composition, optical appearance and the same fire and brilliance as naturally mined diamonds. Lab diamonds are indistinguishable from natural diamonds. The only difference compared to a natural diamond is the origins, thus characterising lab diamonds as ethical and did we mention budget-friendly?

Awareness of ethical lab-grown diamonds, moissanite and even lab-grown coloured gemstones rings are something the general public are becoming increasingly aware of. In today’s current climate, younger generations are becoming increasingly conscious of the items they’re buying, including engagement rings. However, the topic of lab diamonds is often covered all that often, nor is it spoken about that much in public spheres. Buying an ethical engagement ring is an excellent way to support sustainability and know no person, community or environment has been endangered during the making of your ring. Not just this though, you’ll also be buying a fantastic, high-quality item that is just as stunning as your conventional diamond.

 Bespoke concentric circles white gold ring

Designing your own lab-grown engagement ring

You might be wondering how easy it is to design your dream ethical engagement ring? It is easier than you think to design your own custom made engagement ring to suit your own personal tastes. Creating a bespoke engagement ring with Lily Arkwright can be as simple as adding a subtle detailing to a much-adored existing ring design or creating something completely original. Designing a bespoke engagement ring is the perfect way to embody and represent your everlasting love for your partner! They have 10 easy points to consider when deciding on your ring design.

10 points to consider:

●  Would you like an everyday ring or a special occasion dress ring?

●  Do you prefer platinum, yellow, rose or white gold?

●  What precious gemstone(s) would you like?

●  Consider size and cut

●  Settings

●  Would you like a halo of stones?

●  Band profile, i.e. flat, round, knife edge etc.

●  What finish would you like on the precious metal band?

●  Would you like an engraving on the band?

●  Would you like a matching wedding band?

When designing a bespoke ring with Lily Arkwright, their bespoke jewellery experts make the process super simple and easy. The process begins with the concept stage whereby the Lily Arkwright team will use your ideas and sketches to create a bespoke design brief and from there their CAD team will create computerised image renders of your dream design to bring it to life!

Once you are happy with the proposed design, your bespoke ring will be crafted by expert Goldsmiths using precious metals and the finest moissanite, lab-diamonds or Chatham coloured gemstones to compliment your beautiful design.

To get started with designing your dream bespoke engagement ring all you need to do is request a free no-obligation quotation and once happy with your final design you can select your preferred bespoke design package. If you are interested in booking a consultation or simply would like to find out more information about Lily Arkwright their team are always happy to provide friendly and informative service, call on: 0161 537 6773, or alternatively you can email our jewellery consultancy team at: hello@lilyarkwright.com.