Japanese studio nendo has designed a marble side table for Italian brand Marsotto Edizioni that visually plays with the material’s innately heavy nature. The “weight” of marble is often perceived as a negative factor, but this element has been actively exploited, resulting in the creation of a table that is tilted to one side. The table is precisely stable due to the weight of the leg section and its appearance of instability in turn provides a new expression of “agility” to the marble.

Sway will be unveiled at this year’s Milan Design Week at Marsotto edizioni’s exhibition space conceived by nendo at the “Spazio Bigli“.

 sway-side-table-by-nendo-for-marsotto-edizioni_Akihiro-Yoshida-2 sway-side-table-by-nendo-for-marsotto-edizioni_Akihiro-Yoshida-3 sway-side-table-by-nendo-for-marsotto-edizioni_Akihiro-Yoshida-4 sway-side-table-by-nendo-for-marsotto-edizioni_Akihiro-Yoshida-5 sway-side-table-by-nendo-for-marsotto-edizioni_Akihiro-Yoshida-6 sway-side-table-by-nendo-for-marsotto-edizioni_Akihiro-Yoshida-7 sway-side-table-by-nendo-for-marsotto-edizioni_Akihiro-Yoshida-8 sway-side-table-by-nendo-for-marsotto-edizioni_Akihiro-Yoshida-9

all images © Akihiro Yoshida