Swedish furniture company IKEA has teamed up with designer Inma Bermudéz and veterinarians, to develop a line of furniture and accessories for dogs and cats. Dubbed “Lurvig,” the collection provides comfortable places for your pet to relax, including open beds, cushions and pillows, as well as additional furniture and accessories such as cat scratch mats and trees, plastic bowls, leashes, bag dispensers, brushes, and rubber balls for dogs of all sizes.

 IKEA Launches Pet Furniture and Accessories Collection

“It’s really important to use an animal’s natural needs and behaviours – like how they sleep, eat or play– as a starting point,” said Inma. “Dogs will definitely chew on their toys and bring in dirt from their daily walks,” she continued. “Cats will definitely scratch on most surfaces and are sensitive to smell and texture. So safe, durable materials are very important.”

 IKEA Launches Pet Furniture and Accessories Collection

“The piece that I’m most proud of is a pet cushion: we encourage owners to fill it with their old clothes, blankets or towels,” the designer explained. “The idea is that pets get a comfortable cushion with comfortable, familiar smells too.”

The collection also features a shallow bowl that encourages dogs to eat slowly. “By using a design that breaks up a bowl’s internal surface area, it prevents the dog from being able to inhale their food in one or two gulps.”

 IKEA Launches Pet Furniture and Accessories Collection

Many of the items utilize existing IKEA products transforming them into objects for pets. Rhe cat scratch mat with its sewn-in straps, converts the ordinary table leg into a cat’s scratching tree — keeping those same paws from ripping the couch without filling more living space with the traditional cat tree. The KALLAX insert integrates a comfortable fabric sleeping space into the company’s popular square storage system.

The rest of the collection includes reflective leads and collars, a travel basket, a play tunnel and a brush.


all images and video courtesy of IKEA