OstrichPillow Loop is the ultimate napping product created by Studio Banana, the design studio behind the popular OstrichPillow. They revolutionized the world of dreaming when in 2012 they successfully funded their first OstrichPillow, which was massively backed on Kickstarter and then, globally acclaimed by media and design critics. Now, they go one step further: while backers usually need to wait months before they receive their rewards, this time those 20 backers who pledge Express Early Bird Kickstarter Premiere will receive an exclusive edition only seven days after the kick-off of the campaign, even before the campaign finishes.

 Studio Banana Introduces OstrichPillow Loop Eye Pillow

But this innovative crowdfunding campaign goes further beyond: the creators have promised not only to deliver these 20 OstrichPillow Loop units in one week, but also to listen carefully to the feedback of these first 20 backers who will have the opportunity to test the product and suggest improvements of design, user experience and materials. With the enriching insights obtained, they will inform the rest of the backers, collect their feedback and finally optimize the product -all of that during the Kickstarter campaign. It is the first crowdfunding project that applies such codesign methodologies: backers, besides supporting the project and helping to bring it to life, can test features such as its energizing blackout, the comfortable adaptability to the face and its compatibility with headphones, and their suggestions will be seriously taken into consideration.

 Studio Banana Introduces OstrichPillow Loop Eye Pillow

“This is our seventh campaign on Kickstarter: every single product we have brought to the market is thanks to our amazing backers, so we wanted to do something really special for them. I the past they have requested a pillow which provides total blackout, that is easy to carry on, compatible with headphones, etc., so we designed the most efficient and stylish eye pillow ever. But we still wanted to go the extra mile: if they are co-creators of the idea, why not involving backers in the co-design process?”, affirms Pablo Carrascal, partner of Studio Banana and Head of Product Development.

 Studio Banana Introduces OstrichPillow Loop Eye Pillow

OstrichPillow Loop is the most stylish eye pillow providing you a cocoon to disconnect and rest in the blink of an eye where you want, when you want. Because the truth is that, although we all are eager for a disconnection moment to relax, rest or even sleep, it is not always so easy.

That is why OstrichPillow Loop has been created: a sleek and light eye mask that delivers an experience of unparalleled comfort and true blackout for you to relax without fuss. Seamlessly stylish, one- size- ts-all, and compatible with headphones for the fans of noise isolation.

OstrichPillow Loop is already available on Kickstarter until 16th November.


all images and video courtesy of Studio Banana