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Designing A Memorable Logo That Performs Across Multiple Media

Designing A Memorable Logo That Performs Across Multiple Media

A company’s revenue can increase by up to 23% if they are successful in presenting their brand consistently across a range of media. A brand is made up of many components. However, a striking and memorable logo is often the first element that is seen by potential clients and customers. A simple but bold design will attract attention, but to maximize its effect, the choice of form, color and typography should also reflect the ideology of the company and the products it promotes.

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Simplicity Of Design

A formal pictogram, where a company’s business is represented by a drawing, is certainly clear and unambiguous. However, the logos of highly successful brands represent more than just a product, and are also a symbol of a company’s culture and outlook. Both types use uncomplicated designs, and this simplicity ensures the logo is easily recognisable, understandable and accessible. As well as being more memorable and iconic, a simple logo is practical when it comes to printing and vinyl cutting. Combined with high quality equipment, its simplicity will help to create highly professional end products such as t-shirts and other merchandise. If you are really interested in working with vinyl and you want to invest in the vinyl cutter take a look in the best Cameo 4 bundle deals.

 Designing A Memorable Logo That Performs Across Multiple Media

The Psychology Of Color

Almost 85% of buyers are influenced by color when they are making a purchase, and some claim it’s the only reason they choose to buy a particular product. Color has been shown to have a strong psychological effect on how people make purchasing decisions. Being aware of how different shades are perceived by consumers can help a company pick the colors for their logo. Bright, primary colors can reflect a company’s fun and energetic ideology.  Black and other dark colors imply power and strength, and are suited to sportswear, where buyers are looking for high-end products that will give them a competitive edge.

 Designing A Memorable Logo That Performs Across Multiple Media

Typography And Font

For companies who choose to use the company name without an icon, different fonts can be used to demonstrate a distinctive trait. Times New Roman represents classic and traditional, while Comic is fun and friendly. Whichever design is chosen, a simple font is not only easier to read, but is also more straightforward to reproduce for printing purposes. Any typography shouldn’t rely too heavily on color, as it will often be printed in black and white. It also needs to remain clear and legible when it is enlarged or reduced, and when copied onto a variety of surfaces. For inspiration, check out works of various logo designing agencies

An effective logo not only helps a brand stand out from the competition, but can also communicate a company’s ideology. This helps buyers understand and connect with a brand, leading to a loyal consumer base and an increase in trade.