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DM House by Studio Guilherme Torres, São Paulo

Denilson Machada

Focusing the entire project around a colorful palette, Studio Guilherme Torres re-designed this 1970’s house for a family in São PauloBrazil. The project, which was initially an interior design job, grew into an architectural one and Guilherme chose to convert the 1970’s residence into a much more spacious and well-lit house.


The house was designed to be home to this couple and their 3 young children who, after living in Europe for a decade, had decided to come home to Brazil.

A large multi-color lacquer cabinet was the starting point for the whole project, traversing the rooms, organizing the circulation and giving the house a unique atmosphere.


Another highlight of the Project was the revolution in the usage of space. The architect chose to put the children’s bedrooms and games room on the ground floor, and created a living room and kitchen on the basement level. To replace the old, damp cellar, he created a living room surrounded by gardens and a swimming pool.


The dining-room table was designed by the architect and built in concrete during the construction phase, contrasting the mosaic tile wall. All the furniture was bought in London and brought back to Brazil when the family came home.

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all images © Denilson Machada