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Do Bidets Need Electricity?

Do Bidets Need Electricity?

We’re all sick of using toilet paper, or at least, we should all be tired of the wiping and receiving that almost-clean feeling, but would a bidet even work in your bathroom? Do they need electricity, and if so, does the lack of an outlet prevent you from getting a bidet toilet seat?

Manual Bidets

Not every bidet seat will require electricity, so whatever your layout is, you can install a bidet seat in your bathroom. While manual bidets tend to be pretty limited, they have all of the necessities for an enhanced clean without having to connect to an outlet. Adjust your spray nozzles, find your ideal pressure setting, and start spraying without worrying about a power source with a manual bidet system. Granted, they leave out some features, but if you aren’t looking for luxury these seats are an excellent addition to your home. 

 Do Bidets Need Electricity?

Electric Bidet Seats

If you have an outlet available, an electric bidet seat is a way to go. This may or may not be an exaggeration, but these seats let you feel like the king/queen of the throne. Heated seating, oscillating nozzles, and adjustable water temperature are common features among electric bidet seats as you can see in this bidet seat chart. Not every bidet is made the same though and some are truly masterpieces. With a bidet seat like the Bio Bidet BB 2000, you get everything from a night light and warm air-dry to luxurious massaging features and a ‘turbo wash” setting.

Do The Features Matter

This is a matter of opinion, but if you talk to anyone who owns an electric bidet seat then the answer will probably be yes. Manual bidets are a dramatic improvement over toilet paper but electric bidets are another huge upgrade that you will be glad to have. It’s the same as buying a car with upgraded features; you can get around in the basic model but the luxury version is typically a lot more enjoyable. Too much time is spent on the can to sit on a basic toilet seat when you can order the bidet toilet seat of your dreams at BidetsPlus.