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Do Realtors Get Paid Hourly? Learn About It in Detail

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Many people want a real estate license; do you know why? Primarily because of the money! They want to get the amount of money possible for a person to make in the real estate business. But how much do they make? Do they get paid hourly or on a salary based? Therefore, the person must understand this before they start building their career in real estate.

This guide will teach you everything about realtors and how they get paid. For more profound knowledge, keep scrolling!

How does the realtor get paid?

A realtor either represents the buyer or seller or both in the transaction of real estate. People can check Joz Data, where they can find the right real estate agent who can meet their needs. A realtor is usually paid on a commission basis that depends on the percentage of commission they agreed on the option between the seller, buyer, and brokerage of real estate.

That 6% commission is usually split between the real estate agent representing the seller and the buyer. The commission is based on the brokerage of the real estate agent on which they have worked. The brokerage will take their cut from the cheque that the realtor receives and right the cheque to the realtors for the sale of the house.

You need to remember that real estate agents are paid by the hours. The number of houses pays them that they sell. You may have to follow some specific guidelines when you work as a real estate broker or agent, so check that too.

Do real estate agents get paid hourly?

In most professions, people are usually paid by the hour and even get some work performance incentives and bonuses as well. However, some people make small wages on an hourly basis and rely on the commission they earn from selling.

When it comes to real estate agents, they also do not get paid on an hourly basis. Most real estate agents get paid on a commission basis and help the client buy or sell the home. Basically, the agents earn money from buying or selling the house. You may have encountered many part-time agents who may have a real estate license and never sold a home.

The agents who make real estate a career and a full-time job put in a lot of hard work to succeed in this career. They can averagely earn more than $38000 on average.

How much commission do real estate agents make money per house?

The real estate agent mainly works on selling the property and earning a commission at the end of the sales transactions. It means the realtor will be paid when the sales are finalized, and the commission between them is negotiable, but on average, the realtor gets about six percent of the price of their property.

Do not agonize if you do not know what that means because it happens. Here is a better understanding of how much a realtor makes. For instance, if the closing price of the property is $600,000 and the 6% commission on the sales is $36000, which will be the commission of the realtor.

If the realtor is also the broker, you need to keep the profits after advertising, coverage costs, franchise fees, etc. But that type of position does require additional training and licensing. The commission must be split if the individual works for the brokerage firm.

How does the real estate commission work?

When someone puts their property on the market, the seller and the listing brokers sign the listing agreement. It is a contract detailing the terms of the listing, which even includes the compensation of the brokers, which is a commission. It is important to note that the commission is negotiable.

Generally, the commission ranges between 5% to 6% of the final sale price, and that can be higher or lowers, and that will be based on the market conditions. Unless the buyers and sellers decide to negotiate a split and the seller pays the commission. Most sellers ask the buyer and argue against paying at least part of the commission, either directly or indirectly.  

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Ways real estate agents can earn money

People often want to know how much real estate agents can make when they hold a degree. You may have seen agents with higher education in sales, business, and marketing. It has been seen that agents with a graduate degree earn 20 percent more as compared to others.

But what are the other ways to earn more money? Are there any rewards? People do have several questions in their minds. But the answer is to earn more you need more time because that will be the only way to acquire more wisdom. You earn some revenue source and even gain some expertise is by the following ways-

  • Property inspections
  • Appraisals
  • Writing contracts
  • Market Evaluations

But a person cannot just expect to get right because of these side jobs but be on the right track to maximizing their earning potential. Along with that, you can even make things better and get the chance to earn more money by below points-

1. Become the agent of buyers

Most real estate agents become the agent of the buyers as it is an excellent way to make money. It means they work for the people who plan to buy the house. In this, the job of the person is to take the clients to the sites where the houses are available.

The agent will also write the offer on the houses for the buyers, and they are dependent on the agent, which will take care of each aspect of the process for the buyer until the transaction is complete. Therefore, the buyer’s agent makes good money, and the agent’s earnings depend on the number of buyers on the list.

If you want to become successful, you should first create an identity in the market and convey a positive message to the target clients.

2. Make money from selling short sales

Many homeowners often face the problem as they cannot sell their homes for sufficient money. They may be unable to pay off the home loan they have taken from the bank. They may not get enough prices for the home from the buyer.

When this situation comes, people check the high-quality email list of realtors so they can find the best agent who can help them in selling the house. Not just that, but it even helps in negotiating with the bank and convincing them to take less money. If the bank accepts the negotiation, then list the home of the seller typically; that is known as a short sale.

It may take a lot of time because the negotiation process with the bank may take weeks or months just to accept the offer.

3. List homes for sellers

Another way to earn money is through listing the houses for the sellers. The listing agent’s job is quite different from the agent of the buyer. Once you become a real estate agent, that will make the sellers’ job so easy and find the profitable price for the property to be sold and make it ready for sale and list the property in MLS.

The agent will be responsible for negotiating with the buyers so they can extract the best price and complete the transaction process. The person should ensure that they are taking proper steps for promoting your agent listing. It is the best way through which you can promote the real estate business.

4. Become the property manager

The next way to earn money as a real estate agent is to manage properties for investors and homeowners. People check the accurate Florida real estate agents list and hire the best real estate agent that includes managing, maintaining, and repairing properties. So you need to promote yourself in the market.

In this, the property owner will pay you a percentage of the rent which is collected on a monthly basis. Most property manager gets about 10% of the collected rent. Another way to sell the property is online, as a manager can do that. You can even create a dedicated website with all the details of commercial and residential properties.

5. Become a commercial real estate agent

If the real estate agent becomes commercial, they can earn lucrative income and be paid a good monthly salary. However, residential property agents will get paid on a commission basis. This is because they can earn more than the residential property and because those real estate agents have better knowledge of commercial property valuation.


Most buyers and sellers look at the verified list of California realtors when they have to find the best agent to help them sell or buy the house. Once they find the house, they pay the realtor in the form of a commission and not on an hourly basis. It means the more they work, the more house they sell, and the more commission they can earn.