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Do’s and Don’ts when Selling Your House in the Spring Market

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Thirdman from Pexels

When spring finally arrives the spring market kicks into full gear. Houses sell faster, for a better price, and with fewer contingencies.  But that doesn’t mean selling your home during the spring is easy.  In fact, you should work just as hard to prepare your home to sell even during a hot spring market.  Here are several do’s and don’ts to follow when selling your house in the spring market. 

Do: Make Necessary Repairs

Prior to listing your home, you should have an inspection done so that no surprise fixes pop up during the selling process. If your pre listing inspection turns up any repairs you should discuss these repairs with your real estate agent.  He or she will advise you on which repairs should be done before listing.  More than likely repairs that need to be completed will be relevant to the safety and structure of the home. 

Don’t: Miss out on valuable upgrades

If you have taken the time to upgrade your home in the past, make sure that those upgrades are front and center during the appraisal process. Upgrades can add quite a bit of value to your home, especially if they are popular among buyers.  If you upgraded your home’s bathrooms, added a kitchen island or walk-in pantry, expanded outdoor space, or converted a home office your home value could increase significantly. In addition, upgrades to the HVAC system, roof, electrical system, or energy efficient upgrades like new Energy Star windows are extremely popular among buyers. 

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Do: Utilize spring weather

With longer days and more sunshine there will be more hours in the day to show your home to potential buyers. Take full advantage of the spring weather with enhanced curb appeal and plenty of backyard staging. Freshen up your outdoor furniture, polish the grill, and add a few seats around the fire pit. 

Don’t: Overprice your home

You may be tempted to set a high asking price for your home, but without a guarantee that the right buyer will come along you may be setting yourself up for failure.  Homes that are overpriced tend to stay on the market longer, which makes them less likely to sell in the long run. Utilize a comparative market analysis and discuss the best pricing strategy with your real estate agent. 

Do: Improve curb appeal

Nothing draws in buyers faster than a beautifully landscaped home. With warm spring weather you should upgrade your garden beds with a few new easy to maintain flowers and a thick layer of mulch.  Both will add to your home’s value. You should also clean up your yard by removing branches, twigs, and leaves. Trim the grass and make sure there are no bare spots. While you are fixing up your yard, stage your front porch with fresh outdoor cushions and a new welcome mat. 

Getting your home ready to sell can take time, so begin the process now.  This will ensure that your home is ready for buyers to walk through.  Take the time to finish necessary repairs, complete small upgrades, and update your curb appeal.  With just a bit of extra work and time your home will be ready to sell this spring.