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Double Space installation by Barber and Osgerby for BMW at V&A Museum

Designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby have collaborated with BMW to create a remarkable and memorable experience in the V&A Museum’s Raphael Gallery. Sharing a fascination with the aesthetics of motion and the idea of an experiential installation, Barber & Osgerby have designed ‘Double Space for BMW’, a kinetic sculpture that creates an immersive experience for the viewer.

Barber & Osgerby have long been fascinated by aerospace, automotive and maritime engineering and their V&A project reflects this interest. Two mirrored silver structures are suspended in the centre of the gallery and epitomise BMW’s own technological innovation and precision. The choreographed movement of the giant structures distort the view of the Raphael cartoons on display, the architecture of the room and the viewer’s perception of the space.

‘Double Space – Precision & Poetry of Motion’ is on show at the V&A Museum until october 24th, 2014.


2-double-space-installation-by-barber-and-osgerby-for-bmw-at-va-museum 3-double-space-installation-by-barber-and-osgerby-for-bmw-at-va-museum 4-double-space-installation-by-barber-and-osgerby-for-bmw-at-va-museum 5-double-space-installation-by-barber-and-osgerby-for-bmw-at-va-museum 6-double-space-installation-by-barber-and-osgerby-for-bmw-at-va-museum 7-double-space-installation-by-barber-and-osgerby-for-bmw-at-va-museum

all images © BMW – video courtesy of V&A MUSEUM