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Elvie Introduces Silent Wearable Breast Pump That Fits Any Nursing Bra

Elvie Pump In Bra


Elvie, the health and lifestyle brand developing smarter technology for women, has launched Elvie Pump, a silent wearable breast pump designed to be worn inconspicuously in any nursing bra. Elvie Pump is a complete departure from existing pump technology, putting women at the center of the design process to create an entirely new pumping experience that offers more freedom and mobility.

 Elvie Pump In Bra

The truly hands-free pump gives women the flexibility to go about their daily routine while pumping, without worrying about cords, wardrobe changes or the undignified sound of traditional electric breast pumps. Elvie’s differentiated technology means the pump is silent. Worn under clothing, Elvie Pump offers unprecedented discretion when pumping, soundlessly collecting milk in the self-contained pump.

Elvie Pump connects to a free smartphone app, allowing women to view real-time milk volume and track their pumping history for each breast. Elvie Pump uses proprietary technology to detect the amount of milk in the bottle, enabling it to identify when the bottle is full and automatically pause the pump. Users can also control the pump from their phone, avoiding the need to fiddle with buttons on the pump inside their bra.

 Elvie Pump In Bra

For women determined to produce enough breast milk for their babies, even after they return to work, a huge lack of innovation in this vital market has left many feeling both physically and psychologically tethered to their pumps. Only 29.5% of US women surveyed in August 2018 believed that products designed for breastfeeding are as technologically advanced as other consumer technologies.

 Elvie Pump In Bra

Despite the frustration with noisy, labor-intensive and ugly breast pumps, mothers who choose this method have had no choice but to spend a significant amount of time each day using archaic technology to provide breast milk for their child. A mother’s time is extremely important and Elvie Pump makes it possible for women to pump on their own terms, changing the way they feel about breast pumping.

“Being a new mother can be incredibly stressful. We spoke to a lot of women about the struggles they experience post-pregnancy and it became obvious that outdated pumping technology was a real obstacle for women wanting to provide breast milk for their baby,” said Tania Boler, Founder and CEO of Elvie.

“Women need technology that keeps up with their busy lifestyles, especially at a time of so much change. We designed Elvie Pump to make breast pumping as easy, streamlined and flexible as possible for mums. Our aim is to transform the way women think and feel about themselves by providing the tools to address the issues that matter most to them, and Elvie Pump does just that. We’re excited to be launching a product we know will be a huge leap forward in this space.”

 Elvie Pump In Bra

Elvie Pump retails for $479 USD for a double unit. It will be available on Elvie.com and Amazon.com, as well in select physical retail stores nationally later this year.

Women can get breastfeeding success by just improving their breast shape and following procedures like this.