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Emmanuelle Moureaux 100 colors no.9

Daisuke Shima / Nacasa & Partners

Continuing her installation series started in 2013, Emmanuelle Moureaux compressed 100 colors into a minuscule space of 3.3 sqm (= one tsubo, the Japanese unit of measurement that describes the area of two standard size tatami mats), in the stunning scenery of the historical Zojoji Temple in Tokyo.

This latest work in Emmanuelle Moureaux’s “100 colors” series allows one to enjoy their own colorful space by lying down beneath 100 thin and delicate colors, swaying in the wind. Colours like a condensed colourful volume when one look from far away and it gradually appear as a soft stream of colors as one approach. The sound 100 colors of thin papers gently rub against each other is heard when sitting on the rim (engawa) of the structure. When one lies on tatami mat and look up at the top, 100 colors of sky is fluttering along with the wind.


“100 colors” is an installation series began in 2013, which forms space using 100 shades of colors. Emmanuelle wishes to give emotions through colors as she felt from seeing overflowing “colors” in Tokyo when she first visited in 1995. She also wishes to give opportunities for people to see, touch and feel colors with their senses to become more conscious of colors that exist around them. In “100 colors”, colors are explored in various forms depending on the environment, to maximize the beauty of colors. 100 colors entering the body with a glance triggers a physical response to engage with the sensation of colors. The installation series will continue to travel around the world.

 emmanuelle-moureaux-100-colors-no-9-installation-at-tokyos-zojoji-temple-3 emmanuelle-moureaux-100-colors-no-9-installation-at-tokyos-zojoji-temple-4 emmanuelle-moureaux-100-colors-no-9-installation-at-tokyos-zojoji-temple-5 emmanuelle-moureaux-100-colors-no-9-installation-at-tokyos-zojoji-temple-6 emmanuelle-moureaux-100-colors-no-9-installation-at-tokyos-zojoji-temple-7 emmanuelle-moureaux-100-colors-no-9-installation-at-tokyos-zojoji-temple-8

all images © Daisuke Shima / Nacasa & Partners