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Empress at the ACM by Takenouchi Webb, Singapore

Takenouchi Webb

Empress is a 94 seat modern Chinese restaurant with outdoor terrace, located in a new extension of the Asian Civilisations Museum in Singapore. The extension is a single storey contemporary structure that backs onto the heritage wall of the museum with a front glass facade that fully opens to the outdoor terrace and looks out onto the Singapore river. There are two main areas of focus in the interior design, conceived by local firm Takenouchi Webb, the view out towards the river and the classical facade of the museum building which becomes a back-drop to the restaurant experience. The design a careful balance between the subtle Chinese elements of the restaurant and the classical architecture of the museum.

 empress-at-the-acm-by-takenouchi-webb-singapore-2 empress-at-the-acm-by-takenouchi-webb-singapore-3 empress-at-the-acm-by-takenouchi-webb-singapore-4 empress-at-the-acm-by-takenouchi-webb-singapore-5 empress-at-the-acm-by-takenouchi-webb-singapore-6 empress-at-the-acm-by-takenouchi-webb-singapore-7 empress-at-the-acm-by-takenouchi-webb-singapore-8 empress-at-the-acm-by-takenouchi-webb-singapore-9 empress-at-the-acm-by-takenouchi-webb-singapore-10 empress-at-the-acm-by-takenouchi-webb-singapore-11

all images courtesy of Takenouchi Webb