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Equipping Your Outdoor Areas For Extreme Weather

Equipping Your Outdoor Areas For Extreme Weather

It’s great fun to spend time with your family, friends and other loved ones in your backyard. Fire up the grill, crack open a beer (or soft drink!) and have a chat. There are proven benefits to socialising and spending time outdoors. So if you’re lucky enough to have a back garden that’s equipped for a good time – brilliant. But what if the weather takes a turn for the worse? Or what if you only find yourself enjoying your patio during the warmer months? Or what if it gets too hot to handle during summer? Let’s check out a few things you can do to equip your outdoor areas for extreme weather conditions.

Invest in Insulated Panel Roofing

Some verandah companies are offering insulated roof panels for your outdoor areas. These innovative roofing solutions allow you to enjoy your outdoor space in comfort all year round. They reduce the heat from the hot sun during the summer months, making your space comfortable during summer, while keeping the heat in during winter. These are a perfect choice for the savvy homeowner.

Shade Cloths

Do you love to play with the kids outdoors? But what if you’re concerned about the harmful rays of the sun? Never fear, because installing a shade cloth is a great way to keep your yard sun safe for the little ones. You can get shade cloths made to order so they’ll fit the exact dimensions of your yard. Just remember to always stay sun safe as well, despite the shade. So sunscreen, hats and water are a must in summer.

 Equipping Your Outdoor Areas For Extreme Weather

Heating Solutions

Another way to ensure you can enjoy your outdoor space all year round is to install some outdoor heating solutions. You have a range of options here, from stand-alone gas heaters through to roof-mounted or wall-mounted models. Combine these with the insulated roofing we discussed earlier, and you’re bound to have a relaxing area you can enjoy even during those bitter winter evenings.

Plant Trees

If you have a big enough yard, you might want to consider planting some large trees to provide some natural shade. Large trees will help to keep your garden cool as well as proving a habitat for native birdlife. Be careful though – we’ve seen cases of roots disrupting stumps and other foundations so only plant them if you’ve got the space to spare. While we’re speaking about trees.

 Equipping Your Outdoor Areas For Extreme Weather

Keep Your Trees Pruned

You want to avoid large branches hanging over your patio, house or other areas where they could drop and damage your property. Trees can lose limbs quickly in high winds or during storms. So make sure that any overhanging limbs are pruned back, especially if wild weather is forecast. If you’re not comfortable doing this yourself, then call in a professional arborist. 

A Word About Outdoor Settings

A lovely outdoor setting can be the perfect complement to a perfect yard. It gives you and your guests a place to sit and while away the hours together. But despite being designed for outdoor use, not all outdoor settings are weatherproof. If your setting has cushions or other fabric seating types, make sure that these are packed away after each use. After all, you never know when it might rain, especially in Melbourne! 

A Backyard Conclusion

Consider installing insulated roofing in your patio or outdoor area. Invest in some shade cloths to keep you and the kids safe from the sun, and grab some outdoor heaters to stay warm during winter. If you’ve got the space, plant some trees for natural shade, but ensure that overhanging limbs are trimmed back to avoid potential damage. Make sure that you pack away any outdoor furniture that isn’t waterproof too.