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Essential Hi-Tech Homeware for Aspiring Music Producers

Person Wearing Headphones in Front of His Laptop

Vollume from Pexels

Few industries have been through such dynamic changes as the music industry, particularly due to the introduction of technology and the ability to record music from home. Producing music from the comfort of your home has never been more accessible, with a huge variety of options suited to all levels of experience and price constraints. Whether you are looking to build a simple setup within your home or go all out and produce a fully-equipped recording studio, it is important that you consider all options beforehand.

When asking individuals within the music what pieces of equipment belong in a home recording studio, each one will provide a relatively different answer – here we discuss some of the essential items to get you started on your musical journey.

Digital Audio Workstation

Assuming you have a reliable computer with sufficient storage and processing, you will also require a way to record your music. It is conventional for musicians to produce their recordings using digital audio workstation software, which allows the user to record audio on their computer and then subsequently mix and master the sound with virtual instruments and audio effects.

If you plan on adding live instruments or vocals to your recordings, you should also consider purchasing an audio interface. This helps to convert live music into high-quality recordings to then be used on your workstation.

 Person Using Laptop

Mini Electronic Keyboard

This is a vital piece of equipment and one that does not necessitate an advanced level of knowledge to operate. Consider it a way of testing out the various sounds on your workstation and inserting virtual instruments into your recordings. You can always opt for a larger keyboard, although a smaller model is perfect for those wanting to save space and reduce their spending.


It might not seem as obvious when more modern forms of technology exist; however, turntables are necessary for playing samples from vinyl records and scratching these into your music. The majority of records are also likely not available digitally or through other means, requiring certain technology to be able to sample the music.

Not to mention, you can simply use a vinyl record player to play your favourite music. Typically, when you are recording music, there will be several breaks where no sound is being recorded – playing classic vinyl records can be a nice way to enjoy your free time and create nostalgia that you just can’t get from other music systems!


You’ll want to decide on a reasonable pair of speakers or a sound system in order to hear your recordings clearly – there are tons of models available to suit both your style and budget. Nowadays, you can even find powerful speakers small enough to fit on your desk. A pair of closed-back headphones are also useful during recording and for those times you need to reduce the noise output in your home. These headphones are ideal for producing music due to their ability to prevent audio from bleeding out.