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Expert Tips on Using a Pressure Washer Properly

The man cleaning with high pressure water jet

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Using a pressure washer is super easy, but not when you are a beginner. As a beginner, we also had a tough time figuring out how to use the machine correctly. Yes, it took a bit longer because we were figuring out everything alone, but for you, it will be an easy journey because we are there as your guide.

If you have bought a new pressure washer and want to clean every corner of your house with it, We have your back. All you need to do is stay hooked to this guide until the end and find out some of the best tips for using a pressure washer with ease.

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Which Pressure Washer to Choose- Gas or Electric?

Before you learn how to use a pressure washer, you need to decide the type of pressure washer you would like to buy. Unfortunately, there is no definite answer to which pressure washer you should buy because everyone has different cleaning requirements, so their choices would be different.

If you want a pressure washer that can clean more effectively, then going for the gas pressure washer would be a great idea as it has a higher PSI, ensuring a better and quicker clean. They are also cordless, which means you can use them even when you are not working near a power source. However, two downsides of gas pressure washers are that they require high maintenance and are noisy. In addition, you will have to keep changing the oil regularly and use premium quality fuel additives if you are storing the machine for long. Another thing to remember is that a gas pressure washer is not fit to be used indoors. Hence, buy it only if you want to work outdoors!

People who do not like mess should go for electric pressure washers because they are more convenient to use. They are also free of gas fumes, which can be harmful if you use the machine indoors. But gladly, electric pressure washers do not come with any gas fume issues and are perfect to be used indoors. The maintenance required for an electric pressure washer is also less because you don’t have to change the oil regularly. But on the downside, an electric pressure washer might not be that effective if you want to clean a huge area full of dirt.

Now figure out whether you want to use the machine for cleaning indoors or outdoors and what kind of surfaces you want to clean. Then, based on that, buy your pressure washer!

 A man cleaning with high pressure washer

How to Pick the Right Nozzle?

Picking the right nozzle is very important if you want the pressure washer to clean effectively. Gladly, the color code of nozzles is the same throughout the world. 

If you choose the red nozzle (zero degrees), know that it comes with a high force; hence, it can cause damage to the surfaces around the house. Yellow nozzles (15 degrees), on the other hand, are still safer and can be used for cleaning concrete surfaces. The green nozzles (25 degrees) are used to clean various house surfaces, including car and patio furniture. The white nozzle (40 degrees) is also great for cleaning the house’s exterior, siding, and windows. 

Lastly, there is the black nozzle (60 degrees), but I do not recommend it because it is so gentle that it can hardly clean any dirt.

Safety Tips for Using a Pressure Washer

Using a pressure washer can be dangerous if you do not adopt the right safety tips. Furthermore, it can be even riskier for beginners because they do not know the correct methods of handling the machine in the first place. That is why you must follow the correct safety tips while using a pressure washer. Some of the safety tips that you must keep in mind are mentioned as follows:

  • Pressure washers make a lot of noise; hence, they can harm your eardrums. Thus, make sure you are wearing hearing protection.
  • Also, wear eye protection, so the water splashes do not harm your eyes.
  • Wear leather boots that can safeguard your feet. Do not forget to wear your safety gloves as well.
  • While using the pressure washer, especially if you are a beginner, ensure you are using both hands while handling the machine.
  • While using the pressure washer, always keep it 18 inches away from the surface you are cleaning. Ensure you also keep the cleaning wand at a distance of 4 to 5 inches from your body.

Final Words

We hope now you know the right ways of using a pressure washer. If you are a beginner, please read the manual carefully. Also, watch and read as many instruction guides as possible on pressure washing various surfaces. If possible, ask the seller to give you a demo. These steps will prepare you to use the machine effortlessly. 

So how do you prefer using your pressure washer? Share your thoughts with us!