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Exploring the Features Offered by Luxury Property Developers

Exploring the Features Offered by Luxury Property Developers

Building a new home is an exciting experience. While there’s lots to consider, working to bring your dream home to life is one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do.

The challenge for many is the sheer amount of choice. Before you even think about the design of your home, you need to consider which developer you’re going to work with.

Each developer has their own design language, inclusions, and customer journey. That means the developer you choose can have a big impact on your experience as a homebuyer.

For many buyers, the difference comes down to price. But opting for a cheap developer can turn into a long-term expense, especially if your new home doesn’t meet all your lifestyle requirements.

In this article, we’ll have a look at some of the features offered by luxury property developers and see why they’re the builders of choice for many homebuyers.

1. Larger Living Spaces

The more you spend on a new property, the more space you get. That’s never more apparent than when you’re buying from a luxury property developer.

In most cases, luxury properties feature larger floor plans, multiple living areas, and better separation between living, working, and sleeping spaces. The difference in size between normal and luxury properties can look small on paper, but a few meters can make a big difference in how your home feels.

We recommend comparing luxury developments with high-volume builders. The difference in the size and feel of the homes is immediately obvious, and it’s often worth paying a premium for the additional floor space.

2. Full-Equipped Master Suites

The majority of homebuyers are looking for a property with a luxurious master suite. After all, if you’re buying a home for yourself, why wouldn’t you want the best seat in the house?

Master suites have become an art form in the last decade. Most builders now offer walk-in robes and ensuites, but cramming these features into small spaces makes most master suites seem cramped.

Luxury property developers take the opposite approach. Many developers design their properties around a generously-appointed master suite. This leaves plenty of room for his-and-hers robes, double ensuites, and opulent features like balcony space, dressing rooms, and ample storage.

Exploring the Features Offered by Luxury Property Developers

3. Luxury Kitchens

We often look at the master suite when buying a home, but it’s the kitchen that does the most work.

Buying a home with a luxury kitchen can make a big difference to your day-to-day life. Luxury kitchens are larger, with more bench space and upmarket features such as butler’s pantries, walk-in cupboards, oversized appliances, and wine storage.

If you have a large family, like to host parties or if you simply enjoy cooking, the luxury kitchens offered by upmarket developers are a great addition to your lifestyle.

4. Landscaping

Many home developers focus on the big picture – they want to erect the home and hand over the keys. This often leaves new homeowners with a muddy patch for a yard.

Choosing a luxury developer is a good way to get around this issue. Paying to landscape a brand-new house can be a large expense. If you need to install turf, gardens, paths, driveways, and other features, you could be looking at tens of thousands of dollars worth of work.

With luxury developers, landscaping is typically included as part of your purchase price. The developer will design and install turf, foliage, outdoor seating, and anything else you need to enjoy the great outdoors!

5. Community Facilities

Many luxury properties are built in popular inner-city areas. That means they often take the shape of apartment buildings, townhouses, and villa complexes.

Communal living comes with a huge range of benefits, especially when luxury developers are involved. Designing upmarket properties means that developers include features like gyms, swimming pools, theatres, rooftop gardens, barbecue facilities, and more.

While you may not use these features every day, they’re a great addition to your lifestyle, and they can dramatically extend your living space beyond your apartment.

6. Upmarket Materials

The fastest way to design a luxury property is to focus on the materials being used.

Individual materials and finishes may seem like small details, but they can have a major impact on the finished product. For instance, luxury property developers typically invest in real timber for flooring, cabinets, and benches. These look and feel similar to synthetic alternatives, but they’re a simple way to elevate any space.

Upmarket materials become especially important in homes that feature minimalist design, which is popular among luxury developers. When the rest of the design is pared back, the materials used in construction stand out, making it all the more important to choose nicer finishes.

7. After-Purchase Support

The last thing you want when purchasing a luxury home is to be abandoned as soon as you’ve signed your contract.

It’s common for new homes to need small touch-ups and maintenance. Details get missed during construction, buildings settle and crack, and imperfections may be found. A luxury property developer will stay with you, even after you’ve settled into your property.

Warranty support varies, but a good developer will provide a year or more of support. That means they’ll be available to fix imperfections and repair any problems you encounter while starting a life in your new home.

Image courtesy of Simon Menges