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Eyeglass Lens Replacement- A Better Alternative to Buying New Eyeglasses

Eyeglass Lens Replacement- A Better Alternative to Buying New Eyeglasses

Ksenia Chernaya

If your prescription glasses are part of your classic look for years, and you don’t want to change your look then it is clever to replace the lenses with your latest prescription. In the article below we will discuss the fact that eyeglass lens replacement is a better alternative to buying new eyeglasses.

If the lens of your glasses is harmed you do not need to change the whole set of glasses. Only replacing the lenses instead of the frames is a better and pocket-friendly choice for restoring the damage that occurred to your glasses. Alternatively if you want to try something new and something more convenient, you could try wearing contact lenses that you can get from https://www.contactlenses.co.uk/

Replacing old lenses of your glasses

When you are purchasing new lenses, there are a few precautions that need to be taken. You should get a prescription for the replacement lenses first. Your old lenses could be replaced according to your new prescription.

The next step in getting new lenses is to select the type of lens. Mono sight, bifocal, trifocal, or progressive along with the type of material that you would like. Your replacement lens could either be composed of plastic, hi-index, or glass. Since you already have your eyeglass frames which are either full-rim, half rim or rimless you do not need to spend any penny on your frame.

Instead of purchasing a completely new pair, there are several cases when you might choose to change the lenses of your specs. In certain situations, instead of trying to choose a new pair, you can save money and continue to keep the glasses you already have. The cost of lens replacement depends on several aspects, beginning with the types of lenses you choose to substitute your old lenses.

Type of lenses

If you are willing to change the lens of your glasses the prices would begin with 30$. Nevertheless, there are extra costs to take into consideration, based on the types of the lenses, which are discussed below:

Single-vision Lenses

 The most basic type of lenses is single-vision lenses. If you are just near-sighted or far-sighted, and not both at the same time, these would probably be the lenses you use.

Lined Bifocals

These lenses are meant for both near-sighted and far-sighted persons. They blend two different prescriptions into one lens. Although these kinds of lenses are usually no longer what consumers want, these are much more expensive to change than single-vision lenses or single-vision optical lenses.

Progressive bifocals

For people who are both near-sighted and far-sighted progressive bifocals are the best answer. It eliminates several of the stress points encountered with standard bifocal. The outlines are not too wide and there is less disconnection between the reading section and the distance view section. These are by far the most costly type of lenses to use.

 Eyeglass Lens Replacement- A Better Alternative to Buying New Eyeglasses

How much does it cost to have new lenses for your frame?

If you’re thinking how much it might cost you to replace your lenses, there are a few things to know about.

This can be tough to figure out how much it would cost to replace your old lens with a new one. If your medical coverage allows you to use it, it’s better to do that with your vision insurance plan, because lenses replacement rates could be unpredictable.  You can save yourself from spending excess money for the frame and could end up paying less if you only get lenses for your frames.

 When you compare the expense of buying new frames with the expense of replacing only lenses you will find it costly to buy a whole new pair of glasses. If you have a pair of perfectly fine frames, a pair of beloved frames, or have a pair of antique frames and just need new lenses to save the money replacing the old lens is the way to go.

Protect your lens by coating them

If you have decided to replace your lenses, it’s a perfect chance to protect your lenses with special coatings. That will better protect them from harm and provide your vision more support. There are plenty of choices for lens coatings based upon your requirements such as scratch coating, UV protection, anti-fog coating, anti-reflection coat and mirror coating.

Online eyeglass lens replacement

After quarantine and lockdown, most of the consumers are now aware that ordering eyeglass lenses online from a seller is not only convenient but also much simpler than going for new glasses all around. Getting new lenses for your frame is a quick and a perfect way to save money.

It depends on the condition but it’s a smart option to think about changing the lenses of your glasses instead of changing the entire eyeglasses. It’s as simple as the packing and shipping of the frames and getting your customized shipment. If you want to find out more about online replacing lens services, you can get several online options for lens replacement.