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Eyeglasses Guide for Women – How to Choose the Best Frame

Eyeglasses Guide for Women - How to Choose the Best Frame

With vivid frame styles and designs in glasses available today, it’s not a secret that people are using them as a fashion accessory. When you wear the right pair, you can take your look from drab to fab without even trying.

But, the most common challenge people face when buying glasses for the first time is not knowing the right frame shape for their face. 

It’s normal to get overwhelmed by such a wide variety of eyeglasses on display in optical stores and eyewear websites. But, choosing a style that’s not meant for your natural symmetry will throw off your whole look. 

So, let’s first discover what frame styles are your option based on your face shape. 

Glasses for different face shapes

Although you never paid attention to it, you need to first find out your face shape to buy the right frame. If you don’t know how to do it, we’ll tell you. 

Tie your hair back so the outline of your face is exposed. Pay attention to your forehead, cheekbones and jawline. 

  • If your face has almost similar length and width, you either have a square or round face shape. A square profile is defined by a strong jawline and prominent facial angles. Whereas, a round face is identified by curvy features and wide cheekbones. 
  • If your forehead is a little narrow and your wide cheekbones are contrasting to your pointy chin, you most probably have a heart-shaped face. 
  • High and dramatic cheekbones with a narrow hairline are a giveaway of a diamond shaped face. 
  • If your face is almost twice as long as its width, then we will assume that it’s an oblong face shape. 
  • Oval faces are perfectly balanced with equal proportions, curves and angles. 

Glasses for your face shape

Now that you know what face shape you have, it’s time to find the perfect pair of women’s glasses that will flatter your beautiful looks.

Round face 

Since your face is curvy and has a soft appeal, bold angular frames in square or rectangular silhouettes will suit you more. 

To take attention away from your soft features, you need frames that offer drama and an edge to your look. The striking upper rim of cat-eye glasses will sharpen your soft looks. Make sure that the lenses are also either square or rectangular. Round lenses will emphasise your round features. 

 Eyeglasses Guide for Women - How to Choose the Best Frame

Square face 

The prominent angles and lines of your face are best paired with the softness of round glasses. The subtleness of circular frames will balance out the strong jawline and will take attention away from your angels. 

If you are looking for glasses you can wear to work, go for oval frames. They look more professional and still have that soft effect of round frames. 

Heart-shaped face

You may want to soften the appearance of your wide cheekbones and bring more attention to the upper part of your face. If yes, then you should try browline or cat-eye frames. 

The exaggerated and distinctive top rims of these glasses will give an illusion of width to your forehead and make your facial structure look more balanced. 

Browline frames are the most favoured style in men’s glasses but it doesn’t mean that you can’t rock it. They make you look intelligent and stylish.

Diamond face shape

People with a diamond face shape look amazing in horn-rimmed glasses. Also, you can try out frame styles that are curved towards the bottom. Oval glasses also help towards softening the angles and lines of your face. 

Cat-eye glasses with sharp extended corners will take attention away from your jawline and balance your features. 

Oval face 

An oval face is a perfect canvas to all the frame styles you could possibly think of. But, if you want to keep your look more natural and want to retain your balanced symmetry, do not wear overtly round frames. Other than that, you are free to try any frame style you find attractive. 

If you are not buying glasses for fashion but vision correction and need them urgently, look for retailers that provide next day glasses delivery. However, if you have a complex prescription, you may not get your glasses within a day or two. 

Oblong face 

Try two tone glasses that will work as an optical illusion that will bring attention to your eyes rather than the length of your face. 

To increase your options, you may also choose rimless glasses with unique and distinctive temple arms. Go for vibrant and bold colours on the temple to lend an illusion of depth to your face. 

Square glasses that are wider than your cheekbones will also add width to your narrow features. Do not try rectangular specs as they will make your face appear weirdly longer.