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Fabian Oefner’s exploded iconic sports cars

Fabian Oefner

Swiss artist Fabian Oefner returns with a new series of exploded cars. The new artworks, currently on display at the M.A.D.gallery, Dubai, are a second part of Oefner’s ‘Disintegrating’ series, the first which he debuted in 2013 and which consisted of 3 images.

This stunning photo series involves fooling the observer into seeing the images as computer-generated renderings rather than the real photographs that they are. “I have always been fascinated by the clean, crisp looks of 3D renderings,” explains Pefner. “So I tried to use that certain type of aesthetic and combine it with the strength of real photography.”


The “Disintegrating II” series consists of 5 images showing exploded views of iconic sports cars: Auto Union Type C (1936-1937); Maserati 250F(1957); Ford GT40 (1969), Bugatti 57 SC (1934-1940); and Porsche 956 (1982).

“What you see in these images, is a moment that never existed in real life,” says Oefner. “What looks like a car falling apart is in fact a moment in time that has been created artificially by blending over 2000 individual images together. There is a unique pleasure about artificially building a moment… Freezing a moment in time is stupefying.”


Fabian first sketched on paper where the individual pieces would go, before taking apart the model cars piece by piece, from the body shell right down to the minuscule screws. Each car contained over a thousand components. Then, according to his initial sketch, he placed each piece individually with the aid of fine needles and pieces of string. After meticulously working out the angle of each shot and establishing the right lighting, he photographed the component, and took thousands of photographs to create each “Disintegrating II” image.

All these individual photos were then blended together in post-production to create one single image. With the wheels acting as a reference point, each part was masked in Photoshop, cut and then pasted into the final image. “Disintegrating II” is currently presented at M.A.D.gallery, Dubai

  fabian-oefners-exploded-iconic-sports-cars-4 fabian-oefners-exploded-iconic-sports-cars-5

all images Fabian Oefner | video courtesy of M.A.D.gallery