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The Family Playground apartment in Kaohsiung City by HAO Design

Family Playground Apartment HAO Design


In order to redefine the role and function of the traditional kitchen in Taiwan, local studio HAO Design has refurbished the interior of this apartment in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. To achieve this, architects have integrated living room, dining room and kitchen into one area, and this area has become the center of affective communication for the family. For instance, one of family members can watching TV and the other member’s cooking at the meantime. Therefore, family members in different spaces, not only can feel and talk to each other, but also sharing the smell of the food, sunlight, and view.


In this case, the design method of the wall highlight the penetration and function. For instance, architects have transformed the pipes into divided screen which has interesting visual effects, differ from domestic screen which is usually made for Fung-shui and storage, the structure of pipe-made screen is used as a chair for wearing shoes or clothes hang, and also created a lived-in atmosphere which changes as time goes by. The most important thing is the screen increases interaction of the different area.


On the other hand, the same design method is used on the hallway, where the architects used the glass cabinet as exhibition and lighting to make the hallway like a gallery instead of ordinary hallway. Echoing the concept of kitchen, visual penetration naturally increase the interaction of family members.

In the bed room, they used the concept of wooden house turned the beam which is disadvantage of space into the key to make the room stylish and unique.

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