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Famous High-Rise Landmark Renovations Through The Ages

Famous High-Rise Landmark Renovations Through The Ages

The hottest high-rise skyscrapers to visit

Over the years, architecture and our needs are more and more demanding. We want the best, the nicest and the tallest buildings to be located in our city, so we can take pride with them and have some tourists take photos with them. Modern postcards aren’t just about nature as well. We can enjoy the glassy high-rise buildings just as much as sunny skies of seaside, green meadows of plains or rocky mountains views. Are you well-oriented with the hottest skyscrapers created in the last hundred or so years? Or maybe you’re looking for another travel destination? With this little guide, you won’t be disappointed with the modern construction design trends and will find what’s best suited for your taste.

Majestic, traditional but not outdated

Empire State Building

Take any TV series that takes place in New York and think if they have any common point. Of course, it’s the Empire State Building. Opened to the public almost 90 years ago, by president H. Hoover, the skyscraper quickly became one of the most recognizable symbols of the city. Since 2001 it’s used by almost all the commercial TV and radio stations to broadcast their programs. With the official height equal to 381 m. and unofficial 443,2 m. with the roof aerial, it’s one of the highest buildings around. This true postcard symbol deserves the first place in the traditional list.

Flatiron Building

Another New York piece, the symbol of true architecture modernization. Built-in 1902 in the shape of a triangular prism, in the intersection of Broadway, 23rd Street and Fifth Avenue it’s another place worth visiting. It’s one of the very first buildings with a steel skeleton and first skyscraper in the world. This Neo-Renaissance building is modest in its height and has 91 meters. It’s no longer one of the tallest buildings around, but its history and placement still bring tourist to the yard.

 Famous High-Rise Landmark Renovations Through The Ages

Modern, bold and artistic

Burj Khalifa

If you’re looking for contemporary architecture masterpieces, go to the United Arab Emirates. Dubai will shine you with its modern designs, fancy views and cloudless skies. Burj Khalifa is not only the world’s tallest building, but it’s also a true wonder of engineering. It’s 829 meters tall. Can you imagine cleaning that? Only a rope access maintenance is possible at this height. 1,5 billion used to build this construction is definitely coming back to the owners over the years. The building attracts people from all over the world to come and see the view from the unbelievable height it offers.

One World Trade Center

Another New York architecture piece is the second tallest building out there, with 541 meters height. Opened at 2014, its glassy texture can blend with the sky and be almost invisible during the day. It’s definitely a hot building, and its observatory located on the top is definitely a place worth to visit. The circular glass disc offers you an unforgettable experience of looking at the busy city-life located a hundred floors below your feet.

Petronas Towers

Also known as the Kuala Lumpur Towers are the Malaysian trademark. The tallest twin towers used to be the worlds tallest buildings till 2004, now it’s about fifth in the ranking, after the Burj Khalifa, One World Trade Center, Pentominium and Taipei 101. Overall, The Petronas Towers definitely make a solid impression, with the bridge connecting them in the middle and effective design. The office space is home to many top and well-known companies around the globe, like Microsoft and McKinsey & Company.