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Federico Babina’s ARCHIZOOM


Federico Babina unveiled his latest illustration series titled Archizoom. Through this work, the Italian illustrator transformed 23 iconic building from Jorn Utzon’s Sydney Opera House to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim Museum into classic movie posters.

“The idea came from seeing an image of an actor’s eyes,” said Babina. “This shooting range is sometimes more powerful than a face or a whole body, and it is able to tell intense emotions and allow us to recognise the protagonist.” “I wanted to do the same with some emblematic architectural works,” he adds. “Approaching them with a zoom of the imagination, I depict only certain parts of a building, but they are able to reveal just as much about the aesthetics of the author.

See all 23 below!

 1-federico-babina-archizoom 2-federico-babina-archizoom 3-federico-babina-archizoom 4-federico-babina-archizoom 5-federico-babina-archizoom 6-federico-babina-archizoom 7-federico-babina-archizoom 8-federico-babina-archizoom 9-federico-babina-archizoom 10-federico-babina-archizoom 11-federico-babina-archizoom 12-federico-babina-archizoom 13-federico-babina-archizoom 14-federico-babina-archizoom 15-federico-babina-archizoom 16-federico-babina-archizoom 17-federico-babina-archizoom 18-federico-babina-archizoom 19-federico-babina-archizoom 20-federico-babina-archizoom 21-federico-babina-archizoom 22-federico-babina-archizoom 23-federico-babina-archizoom

all images courtesy of FEDERICO BABINA