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Edoardo Tresoldi Creates Ceiling-Suspended Sculpture Within Moxy East Village Hotel in New York

Fillmore Sculpture, New York, USA / Edoardo Tresoldi

Roberto Conte / Tresoldi Studio

Tresoldi Studio, the design studio born from Edoardo Tresoldi’s artistic experience, presents its first artwork Fillmore, a sculpture specifically conceived for Cathédrale restaurant in Moxy East Village hotel, New York City.

Designed by Rockwell Group, the hotel is a tribute to the East Village, one of Manhattan’s most historic and constantly evolving neighborhoods, known as the fertile ground for the 1960’s artistic and musical movements.

 Fillmore Sculpture, New York, USA / Edoardo Tresoldi

Inspired by the iconic structure of Fillmore East, the legendary Lower East Side concert hall active until 1971 that featured The Doors, Janis Joplin, Elton John, and more, Tresoldi Studio designed the ceiling-suspended sculpture over the main room of Cathédrale with an ethereal presence that recalibrates the spatial and temporal perceptions of its visitors.

The installation outlines itself as an architectural precious wreck, a tribute to the cultural background that influenced not only New York City, but several generations worldwide.

 Fillmore Sculpture, New York, USA / Edoardo Tresoldi

The deep chasms and the huge fragmented central dome of the six-meter deep installation, as well as the play on fullness and emptiness, project Fillmore East in a contemporary dimension.

The sculpture generates volumetric and visual distortions, while contrasting between the elements of the past with industrial materials. Fillmore lives through an amplified and ever-changing point of view, overlapping with Cathédrale’s design to shape a strongly scenic environment.

  Fillmore Sculpture, New York, USA / Edoardo Tresoldi Fillmore Sculpture, New York, USA / Edoardo Tresoldi