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Finnegan LocksmithEdison, NJ Provides Emergency Locksmith Service 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

Finnegan LocksmithEdison, NJ Provides Emergency Locksmith Service 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

Finnegan LocksmithEdison, NJ provides expert new locks installation and can handle all types of lock issues, including residential locks, automobile locks, and commercial locksmith services.

Our locksmiths work 24/7 and are used to being on call all the time, day or night. They work weekends and are often available on holidays as well.

Car Lockout Services, Right Away, Right Now

Finnegan Locksmith – Your Edison Locksmith services are always ready to help if you need your car unlocked. Lost your car keys? We’ll make new keys for your auto. We can even help with broken key extraction if your key breaks off in the ignition or one of your car doors.

People often request new transponder keys when their car’s transponder stops working. How frustrating is it to have your vehicle’s anti-theft technology keep you from getting into your own car? It happens all the time, and our professional vehicle locksmiths can solve the problem. Our technicians are radio-dispatched for emergency service, no matter where you are or what time it is. They work weekends and work evenings, so we’re sure to have someone available in your area when you call.

Call our car locksmith Edison NJ today!

Stay Safe with Emergency Assistance from Finnegan Locksmith in Edison, NJ

Don’t wait too long to call a local locksmith once you know you’re locked out of your vehicle. Empty parking lots and roadsides can get very lonely and creepy, especially at night, and especially if you’re alone or traveling with children.

Request our emergency locksmith services right away to keep criminals disguised as Good Samaritans from offering you “assistance.” Turn them down and let them know an emergency locksmith is en route to meet you, so they don’t get any ideas about robbing you while you’re stranded, or worse. Make sure they know emergency help is on the way. Many well-meaning people won’t be able to help you without damaging your door locks, anyway. You need a professional locksmith in this situation.

Our Residential Locksmiths Do New Lock Installation and Break-In Repairs

We’re the experts on a variety of door and window locks. We install security systems, mobile home locks, and digital door locks. Our professional lock experts can help you determine which security system will meet your needs and work within your budget. We also evaluate patio door locks and window gates to ensure you are as safe as can be in your home.

Trusting the services of one of our professional locksmiths is one of the best ways to respond to a home break-in. We can re-key your locks, repair any broken locks from the break-in and create duplicate keys for you and your family members. These services reduce the chance that the burglars will break in again, which is common after the initial break-in. Don’t allow yourself to be victimized a second time. Call Finnegan Locksmithright away to protect your property, your loved ones and your valuables.

 Finnegan LocksmithEdison, NJ Provides Emergency Locksmith Service 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

Safes and Vaults Opened by Commercial or Residential Locksmith

If you don’t open your safe or vault very often, you might forget the combination or misplace your safe key. Whether the key is lost, misplaced, or the safe is just malfunctioning and simply won’t open, you may need one of our commercial or residential locksmiths to visit your home or office.

We’ll get your safe unlocked in no time at all. Each locksmith travels in a fully loaded van that has all the tools necessary to do the job, no matter which type of safe or vault you need opened or unlocked.

Gun Locks Are Critical to Keeping Your Guns Out of the Wrong Hands

Gun locks are the only thing in between your guns and criminals who want to steal them and use them to commit crimes. They’re also a must for safeguarding weapons from any family members, especially children, who aren’t trained on gun safety. You don’t want a weapon you purchase for home security to be used for a crime or an accidental shooting, instead.

Ensure that your gun locks are high quality and installed by a professional locksmith who knows how to do the job right. Finnegan Locksmith provides quick, professional service in Edison, NJ to help make sure all your firearms are secure under lock and key.


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