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Vincent Leroy Installs Floating Fresnel Lens On Paris’ Rooftops During His Self-Isolation

Vincent Leroy

During his self-isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, French artist Vincent Leroy has found time to test his new mobile installation in the sunny sky of Paris. Leroy offers now an alternative version of his old lens installations by using Fresnel Lenses to filter the reality in a poetic way.

Tested first in Leroy’s studio workshop and after in a gallery, it was clear from the beginning that the effect will be spectacular.

 Floating Lens, Paris, France / Vincent Leroy

The combination of movement and the reflections of the fresnel lenses, provide an interesting visual experience. When used on the rooftops of Paris, the Haussmanian roofs of the city seem to be seen through a dream. 

The wind on the lenses lightly distort the surroundings, creating a dream-like environment. Once again, the subtle mix of simple technology and poetic interpretation detach the conscious mind of reality.

Leroy compares his project to an intriguing game of fluidity: “everything seems to breathe: no beginning, no end, just a stream,” he told us.

   Floating Lens, Paris, France / Vincent LeroyFloating Lens, Paris, France / Vincent Leroy