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Fontanile Pool by LAD, Italy


Rome-based firm Laboratorio di Architettura e Design LAD has completed this swimming pool in the garden of a private villa that sits below the old city walls of the city of Tarquinia, around 55 miles north of the Italian capital.

The Fontanile Pool offers swimmers views of the surrounding hills and valleys: two stone walls are framing the nature around, isolating a single point of view, like an optical device. These elements link together three open air spaces: “landscape”, “pool”, and “deck”.

The shape and the proportions of this work remind the old country fountains of the surroundings. The project aims to create a space in harmony with nature and artifice, with the countryside and the city, allowing for contemplation of the landscape.


fontanile-pool-by-lad-laboratorio-di-architettura-e-design-2 fontanile-pool-by-lad-laboratorio-di-architettura-e-design-3 fontanile-pool-by-lad-laboratorio-di-architettura-e-design-4 fontanile-pool-by-lad-laboratorio-di-architettura-e-design-5

all images and video courtesy of Laboratorio di Architettura e Design LAD