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Yves Béhar Designs AI-Powered All-In-One Mirror Home Fitness System

Yves Béhar’s design studio Fuseproject has developed Forme, an in-home smart mirror that displays fitness classes and workouts. The device aims to create an immersive experience without the inconvenience or intimidation of the gym.

For a lot of people, going to the gym is a chore—time consuming, brutish, and tedious. Working adults have little time for exercising, let alone getting into a fitness studio for a group class. Others juggling demanding jobs or young children have schedules that vary week to week, so settling into a routine of classes with fixed time slots adds to the challenge. Finding a health and wellness regimen that provides variety, interaction, responsiveness, and ease of use lies at the center of the concept for Forme, a beautiful, at-home streaming, full-body workout and wellness station that motivates, instructs, and tailors to individual fitness needs. 

 Forme All-in-one Home Fitness System / Fuseproject

When turned on, the otherwise unassuming yet elegant, stand-alone (or wall-mounted) full length 6-foot mirror transforms into an all-in-one gym portal within the home, offering screenings of fitness classes ranging from interval training and boxing to mindfulness activities like guided meditation, stretching, barre, and yoga. Users position themselves in front of the device where they are taken through their workout by an interactive instructor. When turned off, Forme is a sleek lifestyle-product that may not even immediately register as an innovative health & fitness device, leaving it meld easily into the rest of the home. 

 Forme All-in-one Home Fitness System / Fuseproject

Forme considers every detail of the mind and body health experience by providing personalized workouts through a pared-down and user-friendly interface that tracks movement, sets goals, and encourages progress. The motivational interaction with an on-screen trainer creates an immersive experience without the inconvenience or intimidation of the gym. With increased usage and collected data from previous workouts, Forme can make daily recommendations on the correct weights, optimal exercises based on age and weight, and ideal amount of activity. 

The high-resolution display screen is hidden within the mirror when turned off, blurring the line between screen and physical device. When turned on, the display features a roster of classes to suit individual needs with a user-friendly touch screen experience. A weight system that is based on increasing or decreasing tensions is also digitized and allows users to scroll through all the weight options. 

 Forme All-in-one Home Fitness System / Fuseproject

Equipped with speakers, a microphone, and a camera, Forme can be wall-mounted or freestanding, leaving the option open to the individual owner as it makes sense in their home. The station is equipped with pullies and adjustable, high-quality cast aluminum arms that can be moved up, down, or at an angle for various push or pull exercises. When not in use, the arms can retract to the side of the station—hidden behind the mirror—with just a quick push of a button. The matte dark grey finish offers a modern neutral and clean palette that adds to the aesthetic of any home without dominating a space or creating an eyesore. Discrete and elegant in design, Forme occupies only one square foot of floor space. All of its accessories and attachments are easy to attach and detach and can be done quickly; they can also all be stored in a practical sliding space at the back of the unit, completely away from view when not in use. 

Forme, which will cost $149/month on a finance plan, is available to pre-order now. Retail launch in Los Angeles and New York will take place later this year in August and a full retail rollout will happen some time in the fall.