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Full-Body Fixer-Uppers: Why You Should See Your Chiropractor after an Auto Accident

Full-Body Fixer-Uppers: Why You Should See Your Chiropractor after an Auto Accident

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In the unfortunate event of being involved in a motoring accident, there will be a chance of sustaining bodily injuries, even in the safest of cars and after the most minor incidents. In a significant number of auto-related injury scenarios, the affected person will have to undergo surgery to regain their mobility and resume a normal, pain-free life.

Surgery often turns out to be an expensive undertaking for most people, even those with insurance, and is prone to complications and long-term side-effects. Chiropractic interventions are able to deliver drug-free and surgery-free solutions to help alleviate any neck, shoulder or back pains you might be battling with as a result of a car accident. Any chiropractor that has a background in treating auto accident injuries is an ideal resource should you be in search of an auto injury chiropractor that will be able to design a rehabilitation and therapy regimen specifically tailored to your particular circumstances and goals.

After seeking chiropractic care following an auto accident, it is essential to consider supportive recovery tools. Explore options such as cold therapy devices, available online, to complement your healing journey – you can shop for Breg products online at Cold Therapy.

If you’re hoping to get back to living life on your terms, you can be sure to get there in the shortest time possible with our extensively practiced and highly skilled experts in your corner.

Possible Injuries Resulting from Auto Accidents and Their Symptoms

While cruising down the highways in our padded, air-conditioned, quiet and well-suspended vehicles, it becomes very easy to forget the reality that we are highly vulnerable to injury should anything go wrong at the high speeds we achieve on a regular basis. Even with all the safety precautions implemented in modern vehicles, such as safety belts, air-bags, fenders and more, we’re still not much better off than an egg in a metal can rolling down a hill.

Of course, not all accidents rank the same in terms of severity and consequence owing to various factors such as the car’s speed, type of collision (rollover, head-on, T-bone, etc), automobile involved, safety measures in place, and so on. Some of the most common injury sites are the face, head, neck, spine, hip, and chest. While not all injuries will necessarily be serious in nature, some soreness or pain might develop into chronic issues if left unattended to. Remember that not all injuries will be visible to the naked eye or immediately felt by the injured party. Here are common injuries and the signs that identify them:

Strains and Sprains

Traumatic events causing excessive pressure or tension to the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of our bodies are what result in sprains and strains. These are often difficult to diagnose by means of imaging technologies, and will rely on trained chiropractors to evaluate with the aid of the patient’s own report.

Fractures and Tissue Damage

Involvement in an auto accident might result in damage to muscle tissue or the fracture and even breakage of bones in your body. What makes these particularly troublesome is the fact that the heightened adrenaline in the patient’s system might mask the pain or discomfort of the situation, leading them to think they are just fine. The risk involved here stems from the fact that when ignored, such conditions might lead to their worsening and extensively affecting the individual’s quality of life in the long term.

Neck and Shoulder Pains

These are among the most common complaints reported by auto accident victims, and will often happen even in the slowest of collision scenarios. They are particularly pernicious and inconveniencing complaints as they lead to a great loss of mobility and general discomfort aside from their potential to subsequently cause headaches, migraines, and other ailments.

Herniation and Discogenic Pain

This refers to a situation whereby, due to sudden acute trauma during an accident, the discs that make up the spine either protrude or become misaligned. This situation will result in chronic or intermittent pain in their neck or lower back regions, as the out-of-place discs come into contact with the patient’s nerves. Spinal stenosis is similar to this, though this will include bone fragments invading the spinal column and causing the patient’s distress.

Trauma to the Arms and Legs

The bone densities of our arms and legs are relatively high in comparison to the rest of our human structures, which makes them highly resistant to traumatic injury, but the muscles, ligaments, and tendons attached to them are prone to injury.

Chest and Stomach Region Trauma

Sudden impacts will result in the mass of a car occupant’s chest and abdominal region to be thrust forward, often leading to their impacting the abdominal cavity and stretching it. Seat Belts will often be the cause of additional resistance in these scenarios. Bruising is the most common result here, but one might go so far as to incur internal organic bruising, rupturing, or hemorrhage, which are severe if not potentially life-threatening outcomes.

Note that a high degree of vigilance is called for in the event of an auto accident, no matter how minor it may seem to you at first. As we’ve mentioned, some injuries might not be readily apparent even to the person who has suffered them, often becoming apparent once the adrenalin of the moment wears off or even a few days later. Any changes or discomforts such as headaches, joint pains, mobility issues, personality changes (moodiness, irritability, etc), stiffness, muscular aches and general bodily pains should never be ignored after involvement in an auto incident.

Full-Body Fixer-Uppers: Why You Should See Your Chiropractor after an Auto Accident

Why See an Auto Injury Chiropractor Following a Car Accident?

While seeing an auto injury chiropractor or auto injury doctors may give you relief from whatever pain you’re experiencing and keep injuries from becoming chronic or more severe over time, it shouldn’t be an automatic response. You will only require the services of a chiropractor if you experience any symptoms, as we’ve covered above, after a motoring incident.

With that said, it’s important to note the various specific benefits you stand to gain from the attention of a good chiropractor. They include:

Restoration of Bodily Motion and Mobility

Most people are surprised to learn that it is possible to form scar tissue on our muscles, tendons, and ligaments following accidents or injuries. When these harden, they are the cause for chronic pains, stiffness, and a general diminishing of mobility in our muscles and joints. Our auto injury chiropractors will be able to minimize or entirely prevent the formation of these debilitating tissues, thereby helping patients maintain their mobility and productivity.

Treatment of Unseen Injuries 

The effects of auto accidents will not always be visible to the naked eye, with whiplash and internal bruising being the most common examples of this. The auto injury chiropractor will carry out extensive hands-on checks to establish any possible internal problem areas and work out the best ways to have them resolved.

Provision of Non-Invasive Treatment Alternatives

Patients who choose to undergo surgery as their first resort after an accident will be faced with the risk of complications, failed operations, and the possibility of repeated operations to handle their injuries and symptoms. Many will have to take powerful medications for extended periods to manage their pain symptoms. Chiropractic solutions do not involve any invasive procedures, making them significantly safer and free of potentially harmful side-effects when compared to invasive procedures. Your recovery time will be significantly shortened as well.


There is absolutely no need to live life in pain and discomfort when there are safe, efficient, and highly effective ways achieving rehabilitation and treatment. Automotive accidents will affect everyone in different ways, and going to a chiropractor that specializes in Auto Accidents will help you in many ways. They will provide you with highly personalized treatment and therapy interventions that will see you as good as new in no time! Give yourself the best chance of overcoming any auto-related injuries and difficulties.  Lastly, They will document all your injuries and all the sessions that you went through.  These documentations will help with any lawsuit or to provide it to your auto insurance carrier.  You don’t want to be paying out of pocket when the accident was not your fault!