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Fuse Men’s Shirt Collection by Nendo

Japanese studio Nendo has unveiled a men’s shirt collection that born from the concept of gently fusing things found around shirts into the shirt itself. Things ‘fused’ include accessories like neckties and sweaters worn with shirts, as well as products often found close to shirts such as glasses and pens. “We made an effort to include details that would seem ordinary at first glance, but bring surprise when viewed more closely” explain the designers.


In Tie one side of the collar has fused with the tie knot, and the front placket looks like a necktie. A design that makes it impossible to tell where the shirt stops and the necktie begins. Layer is a shirt that emphasises the way a shirt peeps out from the collar when worn with a sweater. Part of the shirt collar hides underneath the ‘sweater’ collar, itself picked out with stitches. Glasses is a  shirt with a bottomless breast pocket, for hanging one’s glasses. A cloth for wiping glasses clean is sewn into the pocket, too. The stripes of the Rules shirt derive from the marks on a standard office ruler, extended into full-length stripes. The grid on graph paper has been transformed into a shirt pattern for the Graph shirt. The Fuse men’s shirt collection is exclusively sold at Seibu department stores in Japan.

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all images © AKIHIRO YOSHIDA