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Garage Design Tips

Garage Design Tips

So, you’ve decided to design a new garage for yourself. Maybe, you plan on redesigning an old one.

Your garage is one of the most useful spaces of your home, and you can make it into the perfect garage space of your dreams. As with any space, it all starts with the right design.

To help you achieve your dream, we have come up with a few garage design tips that will help you take the right first step toward your dream garage.

Garage Design Tips

Here are a few key garage design tips that will help you create a design that suits your needs and achieves your vision.

Space and Size

Naturally, your garage’s size is the first design element, and you need to know how much land you have for your garage. Moreover, you need to know the number of vehicles you want to park in it, your storage needs, and the open space you require.

A typical single-car garage has a 2.5-meter wide entryway, and a typical double-car garage has a 5-meter wide entryway. The typical width of the garage is 3.5-meters for a single and 6-meters for a double. Typical garages are 6-meters in length unless you plan to park your cars one behind the other.

This typical design does not account for much storage space, which means you will have to add to the width and length, depending on your storage needs. Moreover, if you need an open space for crafting, DIY projects, or office work, you will also need to add that space in your measurements.

 Garage Design Tips

Door Options

The garage door is an important part of the design. While most roller doors face the street, many people are now opting for an angled garage door; this means angling your entire garage, or installing garage roller doors at a 90-degree or 45-degree angle, so it doesn’t face the street.

The 90-degree option is great for eliminating garage doors from your home’s street view, while the other adds a dash of aesthetic appeal to an otherwise plain-looking garage.

Again, you will have to account for land space, entryways, and your needs to accommodate either of these roller door designs.

Drive-Through Option

Another popular option is to have a drive-through design, i.e., adding extra roller doors behind your garage to access your garden, backyard, or perhaps another driveway. This upgrade can be practical if you store gardening equipment in the garage or have a house with another entryway.

Consider a Skylight

You need to have bright lights in your garage but, have you ever considered a skylight? They look great, bring in natural light, and save you money on energy bills. It is a great addition to any garage design.


Everyone can appreciate a well-designed garage; however, you need to make sure you have the land space and permission to build your designs before you start implementing plans for your dream garage. These days, you can design any space in a fairly simple way, and you can easily customise a garage online.

Most importantly, you should ensure your garage design fulfils all your needs before you opt for fancy designs and extras.