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Gardening Greatness – How To Maintain A Lush Green Garden

Gardening Greatness - How To Maintain A Lush Green Garden

For many suburbanites, a lush green garden is something to aspire to. Coming home to a nice, neat lawn, tidy hedges or bushes and lots of colors can really brighten up a day. There are many benefits to keeping your garden healthy and tidy and many ways to do so. Here are some tips.

Keep the lawn trimmed

This is the most obvious tip, but with good reason. Apart from all the cosmetic advantages of it looking neat and tidy, it can help prevent weeds from flowering. Flowering seeds from weeds will make them spread further, making them harder to remove down the track.

Ideally, you will invest in a lawnmower, but if you cannot afford (check these cheap petrol lawn mowers) to you can either hire a lawn mowing service to do it for you or find a lawn mower hire service. When planning to mow your lawn, ensure you do it before it gets too long. If you live somewhere with council green waste recycling, you might fill your bin before you have completed mowing your yard. This would result in having to wait until it is emptied before you can continue mowing.

You may be tempted to mow your grass as short as possible to reduce the frequency of mowing. This is actually a common misconception. Keeping some length on it can actually help to prevent weeds from growing and will also make the grass look nicer and softer to walk on.

Remove Weeds

Weeding is not the most enjoyable task, but the more you put it off, the worse it’s going to be later. There is a large range of herbicides you can use to kill weeds, but where possible you may prefer to just pull them out instead and using toxins as a last resort.

When pulling out weeds, it is best to wear gardening gloves as some types of weeds can have thorns or thistles that will prick you. You should pull from as low as you can, aiming to tear them out by the roots so that they don’t grow back.

 Gardening Greatness - How To Maintain A Lush Green Garden

Water the lawn

Keep your lawn green all year round with regular watering. You can do this manually with a watering can or hose, or you can seek to install from lawn sprinklers Toronto services or a drip irrigation system on a timer. Be sure not to overwater your lawn. If your home has recycled water taps, be sure to use these for watering your lawn and other plants.

If you are experiencing draught in your area, you can keep a bucket of water in your shower to collect water, especially the water that goes down the drain whilst you wait for it to heat up. Avoid putting overly soapy water on your plants as you never know how these might affect them.

Take care of shrubs and trees

Some types of shrubs require regular pruning and watering in order to grow to their optimal size and shape. Certain trees also need to have their lower branches pruned to ensure they grow in a practical way, where all the branches are up high.

Ensure potted plants stay cool in the summer

Potted plants in terracotta pots can overheat in the sun. Position them in the shade and be sure to put sand in the water dish under the pot. This will help prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs in the water. Keeping your potted plants well watered is key to keeping them green.

All in all, there are many ways to maintain a lush green garden. Most of these measures are common sense but requires some physical effort. If you do not have enough time to maintain your own garden, there are services available for garden maintenance.