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Germen Crew Turns Mexican Village into a Rainbow Mural

Germen Crew

Germen Crew, a youth organization of street artists, and the government of Mexico joined forces to transform the village of Palmitas in Pachuca into a vibrant rainbow mural. The project covers over 200,000 square feet, connecting more than 200 house. Saturated tones have been applied to the exterior brick surfaces, revealing a fluid and sinuous composition that unites the tightly-packed buildings when viewed from a distance.

On top of beautifying the neighborhood, the project has been a tool of social transformation as during the process, the violence amongst younger people has been entirely eradicated and several jobs have been created.

“Graffiti, art and its history have transformed us and allowed us to avoid falling in perdition and make bad decisions,” Uriel del Rio, a crew member, explains. “From of our experience, we propose it can change the lives of others.”

  germen-crew-turns-mexican-village-into-a-rainbow-mural-2germen-crew-turns-mexican-village-into-a-rainbow-mural-3germen-crew-turns-mexican-village-into-a-rainbow-mural-4 germen-crew-turns-mexican-village-into-a-rainbow-mural-5 germen-crew-turns-mexican-village-into-a-rainbow-mural-6

all images courtesy of Germen Crew