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Getting Your Garden Summer Ready — The Ultimate Guide

Woman adding soil to succulent in pot

Gary Barns from Pexels

Getting your garden summer ready doesn’t have to mean hours of work. A few well-chosen changes can transform your space into a gorgeous extra room to enjoy during the summer. Whether you want somewhere for the kids to play safely, a peaceful spot to enjoy a few drinks with friends or simply a beautiful view from your back door, this article is filled with top tips to help you get your garden summer ready in no time.

Keeping on top of weeds

Keeping control of weeds is key for maintaining a fresh-looking garden. Weeds are often described as “plants in the wrong place” and having a relaxed approach to the odd dandelion poking through a slab, or a patch of nettles near the back of a border, will go a long way towards making your garden wildlife-friendly. To get your garden summer-ready, you’ll need to remove some weeds though, and a simple pull will get many common weeds away from your prized roses. For weeds with long roots, take care to dig right down and get the big tap root, otherwise, it will just pop right back up again. It’s best to weed little and often, and to accept that grubbing out these tough little plants is likely to be a regular part of your summer garden routine.

Furnishing your garden

Sitting in your garden is one of the joys of the warmer months. Whether you’re popping out for a quick cup of tea before you start the day, whiling away an afternoon lounging in the sun, or throwing a grand party for your nearest and dearest, the right furniture for your garden design will make all the difference. Many online home stores like Keplin Group offer a wide range of garden furniture perfect for your summer get-togethers. From rattan corner sets to outdoor dining and more, you and your guests can stay out during those long summer nights in the perfect spot.

 Female gardeners eating lunch at table in backyard

Cleaning your garden furniture

Most modern garden furniture can be cleaned with a damp cloth, however more stubborn dirt may need a scrub with some hot soapy water. Any stains on cushions can usually be removed by applying neat washing-up liquid and scrubbing away – avoid getting the cushion too wet, and test on a less obtrusive area first.

Clearing out the shed

This is another essential for getting your garden summer ready – after all, who wants to spend time looking for things in a cluttered shed when there’s sunny fun to be had? Here are just a few simple fixes to have more organization for your garden storage:

    • Clear out your shed supplies
    • Dispose of what you don’t need – give it away if possible, or dispose of it responsibly
    • Deep clean your shed for a fresh and new look
    • Put everything back by perhaps investing in some good quality shelving to help keep things organized
    • Get ready to enjoy a great summer with your updated garden storage!

Fix and treat your garden fence

Winter can be hard on garden fences. Wind and rain can damage the structure and the surface and it’s important to make repairs promptly to avoid further damage. Fix any loose posts or panels first, then give your fence a quick coat of specially designed paint. You might like to stick with natural wood color or explore some of the more vivid options to give a vibrant backdrop to your garden all year round.