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GiRA carousel installation by maarqa, Porto

Carlos Lobão

Micro Atelier de Arquitectura e Arte have conceived ‘GiRA’, a temporary installation that aims to create not only a new staging space in the city but also an urban landmark of a color sphere created with the traditional S.João hammers. The studio installed the giant sphere in Largo de S.Domingos in Porto, Portugal, on the occasion of St.John’s celebrations in celebration.

The structure uses a swivel mechanism that allows users to rotate the structure manually once inside, bringing back the idea of play in the city. The installation features hundreds of traditional plastic hammers which create a psychedelic effect when the installation is in motion.

 gira-carousel-installation-maarqa-porto-2 gira-carousel-installation-maarqa-porto-3 gira-carousel-installation-maarqa-porto-4 gira-carousel-installation-maarqa-porto-5 gira-carousel-installation-maarqa-porto-6 gira-carousel-installation-maarqa-porto-7 gira-carousel-installation-maarqa-porto-8 gira-carousel-installation-maarqa-porto-9

all images © Carlos Lobão