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Glass Balustrades a Better Option for Home Exterior

Glass Balustrades a Better Option for Home Exterior

The importance of the house exterior cannot be overlooked. With time, people are realizing that exteriors are equally important to the interiors of the house. Small changes such as painting, balustrades or outdoor lighting are implemented. Balustrades are used in balconies and staircase areas for providing safety. But now it is more about the esthetic than safety. Installing a glass balcony can improve your home exterior. It is the best way of beautifying while adding an element of safety. Balustrades are also used in the interiors, terrace area. There are many types to choose from like wooden, steel, iron, stainless steel but a glass balustrade can be a great option. 

Few popular types of glass balustrades are:

Framed glass railing

These are the most commonly used railings as they give both safety as well as luxury. Frames are made up of metallic, aluminum etc. They are secured to a concrete surface or a wooden deck. Usually used poolside to ensure safety without hampering the view.

Deck glass railing

popularly used for balcony area or deck. Just requires occasional cleaning to maintain them for years. Considered safe because they do not deteriorate.

Frameless glass railing

It is used when the sole motive of adding balustrade is beautification. As it does not have any bordering frame, it is complete made of a glass system allowing an unhindered view. 

 Glass Balustrades a Better Option for Home Exterior

Let’s know the importance of having glass balustrades at home


It is a superb way of transforming your house. It is one of the major benefits of glass balustrades as it adds up to the beauty of the building. Glass is known for adding a sophisticated and elegant touch. At times of reselling the house, it gives a plus point.

Increase safety

The most obvious use of balustrades is for safety purposes and glass balustrades are equally good in providing safety at higher risk areas. It is usually seen in common people that they find glass riskier but it is not true, the glass used for railing purpose are most durable and don’t crack that easily. Proper spacing between cables is another essential element to be considered that will ensure no children or pets are able to fit between the cables. By following the manufacturer’s instructions and making use of professional installation, horizontal cable railings can indeed be extremely safe to have installed.

Visionary space 

That is an imaginable space, which is actually not real. It gives an illusion of an open, wide and expansive area. Useful at the poolside, elevators, staircase etc .

Increase light

Being transparent lets all the natural light flow in without blocking. It makes the area well lit. Poolside areas or gardens use glass so that they do not lose their beauty due to low light.

Easy to maintain

Maintenance of glass balustrades includes majorly cleaning. Glass balustrade is easy to clean and maintain using a good quality cleaner. However, balustrades, which are made up of other materials, are difficult to clean due to its intricate design.

Compliments everything

Where there is confusion towards choosing the design and type of balustrades, which should also match the old structure it is always safest to go for the glass ones. They are never out of fashion and always look more sophisticating than any other material.