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Gold Souk by Liong Lie Architects at Beverwijk Bazaar


Rotterdam-based practice Liong Lie Architects in collaboration with Leaders Against Routine have recently designed the Gold Souk (Goud Souk) at the Beverwijk Bazaar, the biggest indoor market of Europe in The Netherlands. The exterior is defined by a 35 meter long facade that explains the visitors in a glance what they can find here: all that glitters is gold.The entrance is clearly marked. Here, the ‘nugget of gold’ has opened up to provide access to the ‘cave’ where the real golden treasures are safely displayed.


Contrary to the exterior of the building, which is very visible and prominent, the design of the interior is very modest. Everything is black, even the reflective floors and ceiling. In combination with the lighting, the attention is directed to the shining of the displayed jewelry of the gold dealers. And in the end, that is what it’s all about.

The building and its surroundings are designed in such a way with safety and ‘crash’ protection as part of the design. The inverted pyramids aren’t just functional – because of their triangular form they also enhance the design of the facade and match with the character of the Gold souk.


The golden facade of the Gold souk consists of relief panels with a triangular pattern. By repeating these panels throughout the whole facade with a varied orientation, a very diverse facade emerges, a real eye catcher. Thanks to the lighting between the panels, the golden facade shimmers day and night.

The power of the layout design of the interior of the Goud souk is the simplicity: the faceted form of the display cases provides a very large show case surface and excellent visibility. The displays of the jewelry are in fact extended into the hall.

 4-gold-souk-by-liong-lie-architects-at-beverwijk-bazaar 5-gold-souk-by-liong-lie-architects-at-beverwijk-bazaar 6-gold-souk-by-liong-lie-architects-at-beverwijk-bazaar 7-gold-souk-by-liong-lie-architects-at-beverwijk-bazaar 8-gold-souk-by-liong-lie-architects-at-beverwijk-bazaar 9-gold-souk-by-liong-lie-architects-at-beverwijk-bazaar 10-gold-souk-by-liong-lie-architects-at-beverwijk-bazaar 11-gold-souk-by-liong-lie-architects-at-beverwijk-bazaar 12-gold-souk-by-liong-lie-architects-at-beverwijk-bazaar 13-gold-souk-by-liong-lie-architects-at-beverwijk-bazaar 14-gold-souk-by-liong-lie-architects-at-beverwijk-bazaar